lundi 24 août 2015

Pavilions of Expo 2015 Milano : KAZAKHSTAN

Pavilion of Kazakhstan

The first thing that marks prior to the visit of the pavilion is the long queue. One thing is certain, this pavilion has a rather large force of attraction for visitors of Expo 2015 Milano.

Is it the interest held by the country, curiosity, or positive opinions on its visit ? Still, visitors are present, and eager to find out what Kazakhstan can offer, both on the theme of the exhibition, as the pavilion, or more generally, about the country.
Let us start with the outside the pavilion. From the perspective of architecture, this is not necessarily the one that deserves the most praise. But it is aesthetic, shines a lot here - we love that in Kazakhstan - the sky it reflects so much so that at times it seems confusing, perhaps this is what makes his main originality, we love that!

But outside, another detail deserves our interest, we can not miss ... it's the Expo 2017 Astana logo !

Indeed, Kazakhstan is organizing in 2017 an international expo in Astana, which is pride fully justified. It's therefore quite understandable to see this logo displayed on each side of the pavilion next to "Kazakhstan". It's also essential to ensure a minimum of communication and publicize of the Expo project, which will take place in just two years.

The first moments of the visit of the pavilion are also devoted to the Expo 2017 project ... we discover a model of the future site. Some very interesting informations and explanations are dished out by the hostess in charge of our visit.

« The Land of Opportunities »… the theme of Kazakhstan's participation illustrates very well the theme developed at Expo 2015 Milano, but also of the future Expo 2017 Astana, as well as the aspirations of the country.

In the first room, and multimedia artistic show is offered. It's about the history of Kazakhstan, from its origins to the Expo 2017 Astana is traced in the form of a commentary accompanying a moving visual performance, achieved in real time by an artist from the pavilion, with sand !

This is exceptional and amazing, this young woman is going to draw, under the eyes of the visitors, graphics prowess at exceptional speed, all the important events in the history of this country.

Note that this show, of premium quality, surprising some visitors may not be familiar to the world of Expos, and do not immediately understand what this refers to Expo 2017...

Then we move to a second room, where are mainly presented Kazakhstan's resources.
Agriculture with wheat, apples...
Livestock, with the horses hold a special place in Kazakhstan ... and even the opportunity to taste mare's milk... Fish farming, and the famous sturgeons ...
This is an opportunity to learn a little more about this country in full exponential growth in a very entertaining way, thanks to many multimedia resources.


Now the third room of the Kazakh pavilion, a large movie theater to experience in 3D and motion, as if we were in an helicopter, to the discovery of Kazakhstan, and all that makes its beauty, interest and its wealth.

It's very well done, fun and innovative. Visitors are captivated by this experience of choice.

Then, we finish our visit with a quick transition to the Pavilion shop ... and why not, a moment of gustatory pleasure in the pavilion restaurant, part, according to many visitors, one of the best restaurants of Expo 2015 Milano.

Again, thank to the Team for the excellent welcome in this pavilion of Kazakhstan, which worth a visit, with a very varied content, rich in various teachings, which perfectly combines art, culture and entertainment... What else ? just perfect !

Pavilion of Kazakhstan :

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