mardi 25 février 2014

Estonian Pavilion... in a few words, in a few pics...

Estonia Theme "Landscape on a Plate"

The Baltic republic has signed the participation agreement for Expo 2015 and introduced its green and technological pavilion.

Estonia, the landscape on a plateUnspoilt nature, biological food, creativity, sustainable use of energy and know how in the most traditional sectors such as the most innovative. These are the strengths of the project that the Republic of Estonia introduced on the occasion of the signature of the participation agreement for Expo Milan 2015. The Baltic republic was the 95th Country to undersign the document that was signed by the Sole Commissioner of the Government for Expo Milan 2015, Giuseppe Sala, and by the General Commissioner of the Country Ahti Kuningas, Vice General Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communication and responsible for the development of the Pavilion.

The Pavilion of Estonia, named The Gallery of, will be developed in a surface of almost 1,000 square metres and will propose to the visitors an experience strongly focused on sustainability and use of technologies. At least 50% of the materials used will be recyclable. The visitors can try the good quality of Estonian biological foods and at the same time see the images of free animals in the nature, thanks to live streaming webcams. In addition, they will have the chance to share impressions and emotions through Skype and via social media through technologies present in the pavilion, in order to create a more personal opinion about Estonia. Then there will be seesaws available for children and adults, in order that the Estonian space results to be suitable for families. The pavilion will host concerts, fashion and cultural events such as the exposition of the young artist Triin Veersalu.

The Republic of Estonia has chosen as concept Landscape on a Plate to interpret the topic of the Universal Exposition Feed the planet. Energy for Life. Three the guidelines to develop the project. First of all diversity and uniqueness of the Estonian natural landscape and its food culture based on fresh and biological ingredients. Then avant-garde in new technologies and in using energy. Finally a manifold character of the historical and cultural heritage of the Country.

«In our space inside Expo Milan 2015 we will introduce Estonia like a young Country of Northern Europe, rapidly developing, where you can find unspoilt nature, biological foods and expertise both in traditional and the most innovative sectors, including IT development», said the Estonian General Commissioner Ahti Kuningas. «We have mainly structured the pavilion in order that nobody shall queue at the entrance, actually it is opened on three sides to allow everyone to follow their favourite route to discover the expository space», he added.

In addition it is a sustainable ‘green’ project, since the wood components, according to the concept, can be later individually or in block disassembled and then used again in Estonia, for instance, to build seesaws in the recreation grounds for children.

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