samedi 1 février 2014

Swiss Pavilion for Expo 2015... the first !

Ever punctual and precise, the Swiss were characteristically first to join Expo 2015, and were first to present a model of their planned construction last May: Confooderatio Helvetica.

The pavilion, built on an area of 4,443 square meters, will consist of 5 towers filled with food products, of which visitors can help themselves to. As the food in the towers deplete, the structure of the towers will be affected, and since the stocks will not be replensihed, it provides a high-impact visualisation of how we consume and the effect it has on others; the more we take, the less others have.

The project, designed by Netwerch GmBH of Brugg, was recognised with an award for “innovative architectural solutions, and impressive interpretation of the theme of the exhibition.”

The space, which is to be located near the Italian pavilion, will also include a courtyard for shops, restaurants and a stage.

Innovative architectural solutions and impressive interpretation of the theme of the exhibition.
The jury

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