mercredi 8 janvier 2014

The United States unveils Expo 2015 pavilion, embodying the farm to table movement

The United States of America has released its pavilion design for Expo Milano 2015, which is set to comprise a light, airy and welcoming barn, inviting visitors to embark on a journey in the world of sustainable food. The team, dubbed the “Friends of the U.S. Pavilion” officially launched the project “American Food 2.0: Sustainable, Innovative, Healthful, Entrepreneurial and Delicious” in mid-November, unveiling one of the most innovative designs seen so far.
The CEO of the International Culinary Centre, Dorothy Can Hamilton, the vice-president of “The James Beard Foundation”, Mitchell Davis and the managing director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Italy, Simone Crolla, who are members of the group “Friends of the U.S. Pavilion Milan 2015”, took part in the meeting, which was attended by the Sole Commissioner appointed by the government for Expo Milano 2015, Giuseppe Sala, and the Ambassador of the United States in Italy, John R. Phillips.
U.S. President Barack Obama himself presented to Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta the members of the team which will develop the project and manage the U.S. Pavilion during the six months’ period of the Universal Expo in Milan on October 17th.
Diversity and responsibility are the pillars on which the presence of the United States of America at Expo Milano 2015 will rest. These elements will be enhanced both in the technological equipment of the pavilion and through events, conventions and happenings which will enliven the exhibition area. The project will be based on the idea that food is a universal language and that the future of nutrition depends on the political, diplomatic, social and technological ability to solve in a creative way the problems connected to nutrition at world level.
Visitors will be engaged in an itinerary “from farm to table” where video installations and vertical and roof gardens – representing the 50 U.S. states and the White House – will lead them to discover the rich cultural, scientific and culinary tapestry which forms the United States of America. A specific programme of initiatives – the Manifesto Project – will be developed in support of corporate responsibility and environmental and food sustainability. Furthermore, a plan envisaging students’ involvement will be launched in cooperation with Italian study projects at U.S. universities.
American Food 2.0 aims to be a young and global Pavilion. For this purpose, the most modern technologies and last-generation communication tools will be deployed: it will be possible to live the experience offered by the U.S. pavilion even through social media.
A search for regional ambassadors is set to be launched from the USA. These ambassadors will travel with Food Trucks within the exhibition area and on the streets of Milan during the event.
The target is to tell the story of “Made in USA” agriculture and nutrition, through the innovative elements introduced in food production and distribution processes, and to highlight the important contributions given so far to win in a responsible and sustainable manner the most thorny challenges which humanity has to face.

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