samedi 11 janvier 2014

Discovering United Arab Emirate pavilion

Under the heading ‘Food for Thought’, the UAE Pavilion has embraced the Expo 2015 theme in all its exciting and challenging facets, using our own experience of living in a region where water is more important than oil and where the focus now is on alternative energy.

Our story reflects the values of resilience, inventiveness and hospitality that we acquired from our frugal but sustainable past, outlines the issues that have arisen by our remarkable transformation to a thriving dynamic state, and explores the partnerships that we are forming that will harness creativity and innovation to address the challenges of the future. But we are not content with solving problems relating to food, energy and sustainability on our own behalf, we wish to share ideas and solutions with the world.

And so, although the central theme of Expo 2015 is nutrition, and human nutrition first and foremost, it also requires participants to focus on nurturing the environment in which we live, the fundamental source of subsistence for all people on the planet.

This story drives four fundamental thematic principles that encapsulate and are the basis for all aspects of the visitor experience throughout the pavilion.

1 - Sustain
Living with what you need, conserving what you have

2 - Care
Using and respecting the natural world

3 - Innovate
What you are not given you invent

4 - Share
No one survives alone

The UAE Pavilion is situated on one of the larger self-build plots at Expo 2015 and enjoys a prime location at the centre of the Expo site adjacent to its main axis, the Decumanus.

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