mercredi 5 mars 2014

Monaco Pavilion for Expo Milan

Excellence and Solidarity for ‘Pavillon Monaco’  – A New Look at Feeding the Planet is the theme chosen by the Principality of Monaco for their Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo.

The idea behind the theme is to attract as wide an audience as possible, both in demographic and geographic terms, focusing on Cooperation and the distribution of wealth, Governance through the support in research and innovation based on sustainable criteria and Education on good food practices among citizens.

The Monaco Pavilion is to be situated in a prime location near the eastern entrance of the Milan Expo grounds, on a 1010-m2 site with country pavilions of Saudi Arabia, Japan, Russia and Turkey close by.
Design of the project was overseen by Italian architect Enrico Pollini who based the concept on three symbols: shipping containers, familiar transport and storage elements form the main structure of the pavilion, a wooden roof spanning for the length of the building and a roof garden with a wide range of flora.

The roof garden on the top of the pavilion will have a sloping recalling that of the landscape in south-eastern France where the mountains descend towards the sea, covered in sphagnum moss, which is highly absorbent and can store 20 times its own volume in water as well as providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Other vegetation on the roof will come Mediterranean Basin and ensure flowering during the six months of the event as well as a vegetable garden highlighting Mediterranean crops on the Expo theme of ‘Feeding the Planet’.

The interior of the Monaco Pavilion, designed by the Germany based studio Facts and Fiction will be set up re-using wooden transport crates to form a kind of ‘ideas workhouse’ with eleven distinct exhibition stations regarding subjects from sustainable fishing, deforestation, the surge in jellyfish numbers and ocean acidification to cooperative initiatives in Madagascar, Burkina Faso and Mongolia.

Services inside the Monaco Pavilion include a restaurant where chef Philippe Joannès, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” and Executive Chef of the Fairmont Monte-Carlo Hotel has been appointed in charge of the kitchen and menu as well as a VIP lounge and terrace for private events.

Construction of the Pavilion will follow strict environmentally friendly ruled, with ADF Green Vision providing free high-intensity LED lighting. Uniforms for the female staff working in the pavilion designed by Jeanette Ivarson, a Monaco based designer renowned for active womenswear in a uniquely chic and sophisticated Monaco style.

After the Milan Expo closes in on the 31 October 2015, the Monaco Pavilion will be dismantled and reallocated to as a training centre for the Red Cross in Burkina Faso as a token of the circular economy held high among the values of Prince Albert II.

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