mercredi 12 mars 2014

Czech Republic Pavilion... in Milano...

Theme "Laboratory of Life"

The Concept

The Czech Republic is taking part in Expo Milano 2015 as a Country with a rich tradition in the field of agricultural production and food, and at the same time as a world leader in certain specific fields. It seeks to present experience and innovation in the management and use of water resources and the results of institutional biochemical research and nanotechnology research, applied in environmental care, in human and animal health and in safe food production.

Water is the main element of the Exposition, in line with the event theme, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Water brings together the worlds of science, nutrition, culture and the human life, and is physically represented by a mirror of water which is at the very center of the pavilion.

In taking part in the global dialogue on sustainability and food sources, the Czech Republic will also be able to make a contribution with its drinking water technologies in Africa, Asia and wherever there is a shortage. A quick fact about water: the Czech Republic has a long tradition of managing its water resources, made ​​clear by the presence of its numerous spas and swimming pools. It is probably the presence of these centers that is linked to the Country’s impossible dream of having a sea.

The Design of the Pavilion

The Czech Republic pavilion is not just an exhibition space, but also an experience that does not end with Milan Expo 2015. The winning proposal from the duo of young architects Chybík + Kristof, offers a pavilion on a plot of 1,362 square meters, using Koma modules that provides a system of progressive construction. The challenge of using recyclable materials and the incorporation of the surface water in the structure has resulted in an eye-catching pavilion. On the ground floor there are shops and a restaurant; on the first and second floors, exhibitions; and on the roof, a garden measuring over 350 square meters: a true "laboratory of life."

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