jeudi 7 mai 2015

Malta at Expo 2015 Milano... the project

Theme "Derived from the Past, Preserved for the Future, Experienced at Expo Milano 2015"


Malta is an island of aromas and traditions, home to a colorful gastronomy that has captured the essence of the culture and civilization of the three continents that border the Mediterranean. The ancient Greeks called it Melite, from the Greek word "meli," which means honey. Honey, emblematic of the sun caressing the island, nourishing it and symbol of the sweetness of the Maltese people, has been used as an ingredient in many dishes since ancient times. With its participation in the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster, Malta looks to express its commitment to maintaining the culture, traditions and cuisine of the past in order to pass them on to future generations, to be tasted and enjoyed at Expo Milano 2015.

In Malta, there is a native species of bee, which every month, collects pollen from different flowers, producing a variety of honey flavors. Visitors, through digital technologies, can explore the rich variety of Mediterranean produce through the eyes of a hardworking bee. But that’s not all. They can embark on a journey through its delicacies, summer festivals, winter nights, the colors of its cuisine and the surprises of an island that has not lingered in the past.

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