mercredi 6 mai 2015

Qatar pavilion... the Website !

Qatar Participates in the Universal Exposition – Milano Expo 2015 under the emblem: “Seeding Sustainability. Innovative Solutions for Food Security” This slogan goes in line with the main theme of the exposition: “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life”. This is also highlighted by the design concept of Qatar Pavilion that occupies 2,451 m2 of Expo area.

Strategically located next to the main entrance of the exposition, Qatar Pavilion is designed to reflect the image of the present and the past, showing the great harmony between modernity and genuineness. The pavilion concept was inspired by the genuine past, when the desert environment urged the Qatari man to be up to the challenge in solving such interconnections. Accordingly, the message to be highlighted by Qatar Pavilion is that in spite of the huge arid lands and the problems of agricultural lands and production in Qatar, there are solutions and models to face such challenges, not only for Qatar, but also for the whole world in general.

Qatar’s vision for participation in Expo 2015 is to build a pavilion with unique design and preparation to reflect its history, heritage, shining present and promising future in the field of food. Qatar’s methodology for sustainable development is based on preservation of environment and resources in addition to using technology to realize such an objective. The pavilion also will highlight Qatar’s interest in many topics and issues that attract regional and international interest.

Qatar Pavilion eye-catching design was inspired by “Al Jefeer”, the traditional food basket made of palm tree leaves. This jefeer constitutes a primary part of the Qatari food history, as it was used to keep food and at the times of drought, it was used to store valuable foodstuffs. It is also a symbol of trading and bartering. The basket was really a brilliant idea in the history of Qataris. Jafeer story will be skillfully integrated in Qatar Pavilion events. Designing the pavilion in the shape of a large food basket helps creating a unified idea to link the exhibition concept to all its aspects.

Qatar Pavilion will provide visitors with a unique experience and a joyful journey in its different sections. The visit will start with Qatari generosity and will be supported by an interactive experience and many innovative techniques that serve the exposition objectives and theme. Therefore, we’re looking forward to a wonderful participation in Milano Expo 2015. We would like also to take this chance to invite the whole world to get acquainted with Qatar’s national achievements and initiatives, particularly in the field of food, energy and sustainability. The pavilion will also pinpoint development projects that focus on education, health, sports and culture.

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