jeudi 14 mai 2015

Malta pavilion... The Logo !!

A logo... very inspired...

Malta is an island of flavours and traditions spanning thousands of years. It offers a colourful culinary diversity capturing the essence of cultures and civilizations from the three continents bordering the Mediterranean. In fact, its traditions and foods are influenced by the many people who had made Malta their home since the dawn of time.

It is said that the Greeks had called the island Melite, which originated from the Greek world meli, which means honey. This name was also used by the Romans and then, during the ninth century, transformed into Malta by the Arab conquerors.

The idea behind the beehive of the exhibition area was influenced by this story. Furthermore, the bee hive is not only used for the storage of food, but it is also a secure and safe haven for the bees that live in a community, synonymous with the everyday life in Malta - A place to call home.

The Maltese Islands boast an endemic species of productive bees. Each month these bees get their nectar from a different flower eventually producing a kind of honey with a distinct taste, changing by the season, very much like the delicacies of the island, drawn from its land and its sea. Spring festivities, summer village feasts, and winter nights showcase the stimulating traditional and varied character of the Maltese and their kitchen, full of feeling, colour and well-being which are typical of a Mediterranean Island.

Because of its unique composition and chemical properties, honey and objects immersed in honey have been preserved for decades and even centuries. This representation brings to mind the preservation of Maltese culture, traditions and cuisine. However, time has not stopped on Malta. Today, it is a modern nation with a remarkable inheritance and offers a contemporary lifestyle based on strong traditions and a thriving economy.

All these characteristics are embodied in the theme statement: Derived from the Past, Preserved for the Future, Experienced at Expo Milano 2015.

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