jeudi 10 septembre 2015

Belarus pavilion... The Wheel of Life !

Theme: "The Wheel of Life"

The Concept

At Expo Milano 2015, the Republic of Belarus is looking to promote its industries of agriculture and dynamics. Visitors will experience a number of different projects that explore its food security and the high quality of its water.

Inside the pavilion is a showcase dedicated to its active role in the fight against hunger, to its solutions for improving water quality, to nature conservation, and to biodiversity. Interactive monitors, scientific and artistic events and the overall shape of the pavilion are a demonstration of the characteristics and progress of Belarus.

In its exposition space, Belarus offers a showcase and a refreshment area where visitors can taste its typical products. There is also a commercial area and a space with scientific seminars, lessons from experts, artistic performances, group exhibitions and folk music. Visitors will be active participants of the pavilion as an example of a life rich in nature.

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