vendredi 11 septembre 2015

History - Poland at Expo 1935 Brussels

This pavilion of Poland was designed by the engineer Damman. It occupies an area of 800 m². The artistic direction of all interior decoration was entrusted to Thaddeus Gronowsky. It was Georges Vaxelaire (writer, diplomat and Belgian businessman) who is the commissioner general of the pavilion.

It has a central hall and six side rooms, plus an office of information occupying a room behind the central hall.

Marechal Pilsudski bust.

One of them is intended to illustrate the hunting in Poland.
It contains many rare and rich hunting trophies constituting European records.

The second room shows the development of agriculture and the agricultural industry in Poland.

The third is dedicated to the Polish industries.

To the right of the Hall, three other rooms. The first is devoted to the Polish port of Gdynia, founded in 1924 and whose prodigious development sets was a real technical record.

The second right room contains a very interesting material on tourism in Poland, while the last is devoted to the problems of communication in Poland. Note locomotives and wagons models, products of major Polish industries.

Guide et Livre d'Or Expo 1935 Bruxelles

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  1. Did Polish designers ignore the aerodynamic style in their locomotives ?

  2. Hahaha... not false :D
    This one was a bit better :

  3. I went on the link... well... an odd bus on rails :-)