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Pavilions of Expo 2015 Milano : MORROCO

Morocco, A Journey of Flavors

Continuing of the Expo Milano 2015 tour... towards the pavilion of Morocco.
This country participates in World Expos since the first, with consistent quality, and each time, show to million visitors a beautiful and original pavilion, with exciting content.
At the Milan Expo, Morocco is no exception to the rule, and offers us a visit, or rather "a journey of flavors", a whole program, to help "feed the world" ... so nice!

The Moroccan Pavilion is located in the eastern part of the Expo, close to the Roserio entrance, in a large space, a beautiful development of the architecture for the less original, but also very typical. The color is given, it's a construction that reminds us kasbah of Ouarzazate, built of adobe, on a wooden structure, like the Berber architecture of southern Morocco. It's both traditional, evocative of the country of origin but also very sustainable, the environment is also one of the major concerns of Morocco!

The Kingdom Morocco is a country that knows very well combine tradition and modernity, we already felt before entering, and of course, also inside the pavilion.

One never tires of admiring the pavilion that seems to invite us to come for a change of scenery for a real immersion in this country so welcoming.

We must thank already the pavilion's team for his kindness and explanations lavished during this visit-discovery. At the entrance of the pavilion, before passing the door, we are greeted by a large portrait of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco, as well as a large map of Morocco, very convenient for the rest of the visit, as we shall see.

The theme of the pavilion is a journey to the "Kingdom" of flavors, an invitation to sensory discoveries able to excite all our senses, thanks to products and Moroccan cuisine. We already appreciate all the wealth, this visit will allow us to discover the secrets and why not, to get acquainted with new products and new practices, both Morocco to share with us, thanks to the diversity of its regions , its climate, its people.

The visit is organized as a crossing of the kingdom, from North to South. Very fluid, the scenography offers us to cross five main areas:

The Mediterranean Sea :
The Mediterranean and its 500-kilometre coastline. Rich with a beautiful waterfront and a breath-taking panorama, northern Morocco is Africa’s gate-way for all travellers. Tangier, Tetouan, Chefchaouen, Al Hoceima... many cities nestled between mountains and sea, lulled by the calm, clear waters only coloured by fine white sand.

The Center :
Central Morocco, the country’s hydraulic basin. Thanks to its abundant flora and water bodies that supply an entire country, the Center is considered as the heart of Morocco. At the foot of the mountains, the forests hold themselves straight up, the vast plains extend to the entire region, and lakes are formed to give life to the entire region. Walking around the area, one can see the beautiful colours of the landscape perfectly shaped by Man.

The Atlas :
The Atlas ... one landscape gives way to another; the calm plains fade away and are replaced by the contours of the mountains. Morocco is the only Maghreb country with a huge mountain chain, the Atlas, which rises to 4,160 meters. This mountain chain brags its steep massifs, its rugged terrain, and its majestic landscape where the villages cling to the slopes and crops resist the altitude.

The Atlantic :
The Atlantic and its coasts, one of the richest fishing grounds in the world. The Moroccan Atlantic coast is characterised by the diversity of its landscapes and its large agricultural plains. From the Agadir fishing port to the beaches of Rabat or Casablanca through the ramparts of Essaouira, Morocco's Atlantic coast offers 1,300 kilometres of varied and contrasting landscapes. That’s where one finds vast lands brushed by sea wind, plains made fertile by irrigation, and dunes succeeding the steep cliffs.

The Great South :
The Great South and Its Desert Climate. Another facet of Morocco opens up to the world... hot and windy Morocco where wadis create oasis and where Men shape their land. Through the ancestral knowledge of Men, the empty vastness formed by the dry and rocky plateaus and dune fields give way to valleys. They give life to the oasis. 

What to say about this visit? Certainly, every visitor will appreciate this crossing of Morocco ... each step in the country of the senses, reveals extraordinary, each region is revealed through its products and specialties, but also its specificities. It's very beautiful and very well done ... with increasingly ubiquitous flavors, magic seems perfectly operate.

When talking about visits of pavilions, we often use the term "Experience". For this pavilion of Morocco, we can say that this one is very successful, both in the sense of the theme of the Expo or the one of the pavilion, but especially in that of sensations perceived by the visitor, and therein lies the main!

But our tour of the pavilion is far from over ... and our trip to the land of flavors!
Since it is often customary in the pavilions of the Expo, the tour ends with a passage in the pavilion shop.

But beware, it's not a simple store of goods and souvenirs. Special attention seems to be winning here, to continue this unique "experience" in the heart of Morocco and its products. This Concept Store is very nicely decorated, or scenography should I say, a beautiful invitation, the souks Milan Version 2015, to be seduced.
Then, the last stage before the exit pavilion... ...we could not avoid the famous restaurant Delizie del Marocco, anf the famous Chef Moha (Dar Moha in Marrakech)!

We tasted for you... what are effectively the delights of Morocco who have given themselves go here to the delight of our taste buds! No real restaurant room, however, it's very advantageously replaced by a very pleasant terrace at the back of the pavilion. It allows to enjoy the excellent food, the shade of parasols and enjoy the view to the huge garden of the Morocco Pavilion, which will be our last stop here.

Indeed, a wide space of Morocco's plot was reserved for the realization of a rich and beautiful garden, gathering many plants and flowers of Morocco, in a maze of small paths... a very pleasant walk in an amazing landscape, the one of Expo Milano 2015.

One last word, that should pretty much sum up the visit of the flag of the Kingdom of Morocco: an enchanting visit, a change of scenery and a perfect immersion in the flavors of Morocco ... so thank you to Moroccan Pavilion, for making us vibrate, during the time of a visit ... which will remain engraved in our memories!

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  1. It's the most marvelous journey !! Thanks a lot ! It's dazzling atmospheric pavilion and the report about travelling !! It's pity that internet doesn't let to feel all these fine flavours... But colors ( the chocolate shade of building on the background of Milan sky, heat honey of the Great South and drops of different red shades plus living green) - it's truly fest for eyes !