jeudi 11 décembre 2014

Great news... Russian Pavilion is unveiled !

The  architectural design for the Russian Pavilion in Milan is now unveiled!

Discover with us the first images of this beautiful and impressive Pavilion :

The main theme of the Russian participation in the Expo 2015 Milano is food security.

The Russian Federation is a permanent participant and initiator of discussions about the quality and availability of food for the population in the country and the world.

As one of the most influential players in the international market of agricultural products, Russia is uniquely positioned to ensure access of every person on the planet with high-quality food products.

Russia is involved in the world of universal exhibitions since 1851, the first exhibition in London. Architectural designs of our country has always helped to create complete ensembles of exhibition and definitely are landmarks in the history of not only Russian but also world architecture.

The Russian Pavilion has become a prize-winner of the EXPO, including in the field of architectural solutions. For example, in 1937, at the Paris exhibition pavilion of the Soviet Union won the Grand-Prix exhibition. As in 1958 year in Brussels. In 2010, the Russian Pavilion at Shanghai EXPO received the silver medal of the exhibition. This is not surprising, since in preparing for participation in the world universal exhibition to work on the idea and the embodiment of the Pavilion are only the best architects. Expo 2015 "was no exception.
The architectural concept of the Pavilion was created in Office "Speech" by Sergey Čobanom ("Federation Tower in Moscow," House of Akvare "in Berlin, nevskaya ratusha in St. Petersburg), Alexei Iliyn and Marina Kuznetsk.

Exhibition Hall c total area total area more than 4000 square meters is a dynamic spatial structure, personifies the lightning-fast movement, aspiration upward. In the search for ways of architects followed the tradition of dynamic architecture of pavilions of the Soviet Union, and then Russia at Expo. Many successful projects Russian pavilions for world exhibitions 20 century have characteristic features dynamic, rapid development of forms and create unique engineering solutions. In addition, the concept of the Pavilion is closely associated with green technologies. The facades of the Pavilion main element is eco-friendly wooden façade design that also fulfil the function of protection against the Sun, like the console before you leave. Uneven, gradually rising up the landscape of the roof adds Pavilion the character associated with the nature of the building.
Flat roof Pavilion designed for walking visitors, gradually rises to the main entrance. Thus, the space in front of the main entrance from the main road visitors "Expo 2015 is the highest point of the Pavilion is" covered "decorative element is the length of about 30 m, which in itself is already a unique architectural and engineering facility. Visitors have the opportunity to look at the main exhibition on the ground floor, climb on the roof and be there in the various activities of the Pavilion.
More information about RussiaExpo2015:

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