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History - Russia at the World Columbian Exposition, Chicago 1893

Chicago 1893 World'sFair

One of the largest and most imposing pavilions in the Manufactures and Liberal Arts Buildings is that of Russia. It occupies a space nearly an acre in area, and in its construction shows a skill and a degree of artistic talent not generally suspected of the people of that country.

The location is near the south end of building.

There are a number of entrances but the main one is at the north corner, where it adjoins on Columbia avenue the Belgian pavilion.

This entrance is formed of a scroll-like arch cut into the base of a loft and picturesque tower. Along Columbia avenue is the main facade, an elaborately ornamentend and extremly artistic front, having an average heigh of seventy-five feet. Russia has a number of rich exhibits at the Fair, the total value of all being about a half million dollars.

That in the Mines and Mining Building is perhaps the most valuable, as there are displayed a rare collection of diamonds and other precius stones.

In this pavilion are to be seen some wonderful paintings and groups of statuary which can but give the Northern Empire the credit of being far advanced in the field of the fine arts.

The prominent features of this exhibit, however, are display of fine silks, some beautifully carved furniture and a very considerable array of jewelry and precious stones.

Furs are of course a conspicuous product, and scattered about in a sort of sumptuous profusion are skins of great value, those of the dainty sable and the priceless ermine setting off that of the national bear.

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