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History - French pavilion at the Columbian 1893 Exposition of Chicago #1

North Front of the French Building

The French building at the Exposition consisted, practically, of two parts connected by an semi-circular colonnade. Of these the one to the north, a facade of which appears in the illustration, was the larger and more important.
Built in the Renaissance style and richkly decorated, it was a beautiful object in its conspicious position at the junction of the main eat and west thoroughfare across the grounds and the lake front promenade.

A large and exceedingly graceful group of statuary, reprensenting "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity", was a prominent feature of the decoration of the front here shown, and is well presented in the illustration.

In front of the group a splendid lion lay on guard, and all the adjuncts architecturally were such as to complete the fine effect.

On other sides of the exterior of this avilion were paintings representing historical events in French history, and inside was the main room of the entire structure, the one named after Lafayette. Here were the chief historical relics exhibited. There were a bureau from Lafayette's library, the sword of honor presented to that gallant leader by the American Congress in 1779, and other articles of curious interest.

All the sketches for the building were made in France, and models of the statuary were sent from that country.

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