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News... official website for pavilion of Serbia

Now avalaible !

Welcome to Serbia

Serbia is a country of many contrasts. The endless plains of Pannonia, fertile river valleys, the orchard-covered hills of Sumadija and magnificent mountains with green pastures, contrasting with large, bustling cities and different nationalities all in a relatively small space. This is the best way to describe Serbia, as well as her cuisine, a great mix of the culinary art of the region, combining numerous variations that fit together perfectly, making Serbian cuisine imaginative, rich and full of different flavors.

Its geographical location and climatic conditions created good preconditions for economic development, the movement of people and flow of information and capital. Thanks to the availability of natural resources and their successful use as a direct prerequisite for economic, social and all other prosperity, Serbia has grown over time into the socio-political, scientific and sports center in the region, a multi-cultural center of art – a big “melting pot”, which in the best way illustrates the cultural and ethnic diversity of the entire Western Balkan region.
In Serbia nowadays, the notion of a better life is not just a clean environment, healthy food and orderly social life, it is much more. It’s a hedonistic vision that unites culture, sport and excellent food, inevitably accompanied by a good time.

The present-day modern Serbia integrates multicultural and multiethnic diversity with the concept of sustainable development and modern technology, in new contemporary urban forms that continue to develop and shape so that its residents, and also those who come to Serbia for the first time, are offered a unique sense of tradition served in a modern way.
After all, Serbia is rightly called “the big barn,” and can boast of expanses of rich farmland soil whose quality results in high yields. This must be emphasized as one of Serbia’s greatest potentials, and an opportunity for foreign investors in this area to quickly gain a return on their invested capital through the implementation of new technology.

More details about Serbian participation to Expo 2015 Milano :

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