vendredi 26 juin 2015

About the Palestine pavilion...

Theme "Old as Olive Tree, Young as Olive Fruit"

The Concept

Palestine has a rich history and culture that is represented by the country’s relationship with the olive tree.

The olive tree’s draught resistance and ability to grow under poor soil conditions, bearing fruit for thousands of years embodies the palestian history.

From the olive branch’s recognition as a historical symbol of peace to its modern day significance, the olive tree serves as a powerful symbol for Palestine.

In addition to their symbolic meaning, olive trees are a main source of income for the Palestinians, they account for 70% of the country’s fruit production and contribute approximately 14% to their economy. Palestinian olives are now reaching markets worldwide.

Olive oil has recently gained prominence in the world as an important part of a healthy diet. This re­enforced the status of Palestinian Olive oil internationally, as it is considered one of the most prominent in the world both in nutritional value and in taste.

Olive oil is a basic component of the daily meals of Palestinians. Every morning families gather around the traditional breakfast of zait and zaatar- olive oil and ground thyme – served with fresh kmaj - pita bread.

Palestine invites Expo Milano 2015 visitors to their Pavilion, located in the Arid Zones Cluster.

Its elements reflect the tradition, hospitality and culture of Palestine.

Visitors can view photo and multimedia exhibitions that represent the Palestinian people's attachment to the land and can learn about traditional water conservation methods.

They can also purchase food and handicrafts, view cooking demonstrations and participate in a variety of activities, including the tasting of Palestinian Saj and Taboun bread, and pastries with olive oil prepared by Palestinian chefs.

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