lundi 1 juin 2015

Some pics from Romania's pavilion

Thanks to Romania's pavilion Facebook page.

Beautiful light in the Romanian Pavilion this morning...

President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, received from Romania's pavilion general commissioner, Georgian Ghervasie, a piece of wood - the same wood the Pavilion was built from - engraved with the pavilion logo

In pavilion's garden visitors can find parsley and lovage, two of the most popular herbs used in the Romanian kitchen.

Pavilion's cook Cristi picking up thyme from our rooftop garden for menu of the day.
When entering the Romanian Pavilion, you will notice a huge pan flute, a musical instrument whose sound you can discover on the soundtrack of Romania's pavilion.

Looks like a beautiful day in Milan for a visit at Expo2015 to discover the Romanian Pavilion.

A blend of tradition and modernity, Romanian Pavilion shows Romania's understanding of sustainability concerning the food, said President of România, Klaus Iohannis, while visiting Expo Milano, May 14.

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