lundi 22 juin 2015

Learn about Congo pavilion... at Milano Expo

Theme "Science and Technology at the Service of Food Security and Quality"

The Republic of Congo takes part in the next Universal Exposition with the theme "Science and Technology in the Service of Safety and Food Quality".

The country’s pavilion is located within the Cereals and Tubers Cluster as an important producer of these foods. During the six months of the Exposition, the Republic of Congo shows visitors its scientific innovations and techniques pertaining to the production, treatment, processing and storage of these cultivated products, while presenting the potential for food safety in the African country, which include not only innovations in the food supply chain, but also education on proper nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Republic of Congo has long been known for its agriculture, producing cassava, corn, rice and yams, a tuber grown in equatorial regions of the planet and used for its starch. The country’s participation in Expo Milano 2015 aims to raise awareness among visitors about the importance of the presence of tubers and cereals in the diet as a source of complex carbohydrates and also to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences among Congolese researchers and those from other participating countries.

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