mardi 2 juin 2015

Sierra Leone at Expo 2015 Milano... Rice Cluster

Pic courtesy Sierra Leone pavilion.

Theme "Food Security – A Means to the Agenda for Prosperity"

The Concept

The West African state of Sierra Leone is an area of potentially arable land that extends over millions of hectares, of which only 10% is actually cultivated at present.

Rice is the dominant crop of the country, with an annual per capita consumption of about 104 kg, which is among the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa. Rice is cultivated both in the high plains and in other ecological regions, sometimes even with rudimentary techniques. However, efforts to increase production have improved the country’s level of self-sufficiency from 57.45% in 2002, to 71% in 2007.

The promotion of national rice production is a key strategy for improving food security, stimulating economic growth and increasing household income.

Eradicating hunger, thirst and malnutrition is one of the objectives of Expo Milano 2015. To support its implementation, the government of Sierra Leone is committed to producing a balanced diet from a nutritional standpoint, to assessing the effectiveness of the typical model of agriculture in its villages, and to ensuring that sources for human subsistence (soil and water) are protected. This goal is the inspiration for its participation, with an exhibition space of 125 square meters within the Rice Cluster.

Sierra Leone offers visitors the full experience of a "smart farm," a place where the skills of various individuals meet to reach a common goal. The "smart farm" practices rice cultivation, sustainable fishing, and raising chickens and small livestock; there are centers for health and nutritional education, schools, markets, irrigation and energy-production systems. One of its objectives is to study this economic model with an Italian research institution.

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