mardi 2 juin 2015

Oman pavilion... the website !

The Oman Pavilion will tell a story of how the Omanis manage their water resources and continue to harvest the sea to ensure sustainability of food supply. The pavilion will effectively become a giant clockwork of synchronised activities when at timed intervals the falaj flows through the ‘Water Village’ which springs to life with activities and interactive information that covers various sub-themes and topics that fit into all five Itineraries of the Expo:

Sub-Themes :
1. Science and technology for food safety, security and quality.
2. Science and technology for agriculture and biodiversity.
3. Innovation in the agro-food supply chain.
4. Dietary education.
5. Food for better lifestyles,
6. Food and culture.
7. Cooperation and development on food.

Itineraries :
1. The history of Humanity, stories of food.
2. Abundance and shortage: The contemporary paradox.
3. The future of food.
4. Sustainable food = fair world.
5. Taste is knowledge.

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Pic courtesy Oman pavilion

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