jeudi 9 juillet 2015

History - Japan pavilion at Expo 1900 Paris

The Japan Pavilion is not in the official pavilions of the Nations Street on the banks of the Seine, but occupies in the bottom of the gardens of left, down the slopes of the Trocadero, an important space where several pavilions are a real small Japanese city.

The main construction is an interesting re-enactment of the famous Pagoda of Kondo to Nora, whose architecture dates back to the seventh century of our era.

Built in wood, two floors, roofing hiked up at the corners, balconies with a red dragon's protruding on the Yellow Gold wall with Lotus flowers in his basement, and flying birds in the middle and crowned in its upper part by a frieze with cloudy female profiles, this pavilion evokes a delicious vision of Pierre Loti.

It is the imperial Museum with rare pieces of Japanese art.

A bazaar and a series of small pavilions, among which runs a stream, range around. The greenhouse and garden together most magnificent specimens of exotic horticulture and reveal processes of gardening and artificial culture of the highest interest.

Tea and Sake rice wine each have their pavilion, where eager tasters.

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