vendredi 17 juillet 2015

Pavilions of Expo 2015 Milano : MONACO


Barely back from the Expo 2015 Milan, it's time to make a small point about these pavilions whose we could follow the construction, and the first weeks of life in the heart of this major event of 2015.

Before establishing a ranking from many selection criteria, we will still start the visit to the site, with the first pavilion in welcoming me, that of the Principality of Monaco.

This is not a stranger to us, far from it, since on the blog dedicated to Expo 2015 Milan, he has already the subject of numerous articles, from its conception until the beginnings of the Expo, through the various stages of construction.

The tour starts of course externally. Each nation that has its own pavilion tries each time to compete for boldness and innovation, in order to present a pavilion that will be appreciated by all. It's not always easy, we have all different tastes.
Monaco chose to be clever, modern, eco-friendly and supportive. The use of containers is the evidence clearly visible, associated with a beautiful wooden frame, covered with a green roof, bringing its share of greenery at the Expo. This Pavilion is the work of Italian architect Enrico Pollini.

The exhibition of the Principality of Monaco has already thought about the reuse of the Pavilion, which will be after the Expo, reassembled in Burkina Faso as part of an help project of the Red Cross. One can only applaud, as the pavilion of Monaco is one of the few to truly thinking about tomorrow, a great humanitarian project. Bravo Monaco!
This particular point gives a particular value to the participation of Principality in Milano. The pavilion of Monaco is certainly not the greatest, but at least it defends a real great project to help those in need.

Now we go inside the Pavilion. Already, a special mention for the welcom... the staff is present to greet us, and advise us of all possible councils... smiling and attentive!

The theme of the Pavilion is "Excellence and Solidarity – A New Look at Feeding the Planet", what doesn't surprise us, considering the involvement of Monaco in solidarity and sharing, and different cooperation missions in which the Principality was involved.

Scenography is as clear as it is original, in the spirit of the building, in the form of clearly defined spaces, addressing a thematic special, put in scene in the boxes wood of different sizes, recalling the crates, of food or other, a sort of shed to ideas!
Implemented by the german firm Fact and Fiction, subjects covered are particularly sharp and sensitive, but playful and easy access, as well as for adults than for children, who can learn by having fun.

I regret not having had the time to enjoy the restaurant "Le Bistrot", for which, it has but praise to say... well, maybe during our next visit to the Expo!

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