mardi 28 juillet 2015

Pavilions of Expo 2015 Milano : RUSSIA

We continue our tour of Expo 2015 Milan, with a pavilion whose welcome was especially warm... and even more of excellent, that of Russia.

Already, when you arrive in front, we're immediately amazed by its architecture. While most of the pavilions along the central axis - the decumano - are almost hidden by the structures and fabrics intended give shadows, the Russian pavilion is set back, with a long and beautiful wooden aisle, allowing to have enough perspective to admire its magnificent roof that juts into cantilever above the wooden deck, looking like esplanade, lined greenery and small trees.

In addition, the pavilion is bordered by a driveway on the left, giving even more perspective to appreciate it.

The pavilion is surprising in its design, in fact, it's a fine blend between modernity and tradition ... even a nod to the history of Russia's participations in Expos, with this roof that is reminiscent of the Russian pavilion at Expo '67 in Montreal.
A roof that brings an incredible burst of momentum to a set that seems to want to fly to the sky!
Of course, these are glass and wood that predominate in this architectural achievement.

After admiring this amazing roof, whose lower part is covered with huge mirrors which reflected both the visitors and the wood of the terrace, it's time to push the door of the pavilion, and discover what Russia has to offer to visitors, and more broadly, to humanity ... as the theme of the pavilion is "Growing for the World. Cultivating for the Future". That is all a program which is not surprising, due to the enormous potential of Russia as a major producer in global Agribusiness sector.

In the lobby, it's always the wood, glass and mirrors that prevail ... and a great map of Russia in cereals. Another nod to the past, and the Expo of 1937 in Paris, where was in the Soviet pavilion, a large map of Russia, made with precious stones ... but the wealth of tomorrow, are not the same than yesterday, and the future of the world is in that of its sustenance!

It is these future needs and the leading role of Russia, which are highlighted and presented during the visit of the pavilion. The pavilion takes stock of the agricultural potential of the country reminding all technical advances and research conducted by leading Russian scientists for decades, through multimedia presentations at the forefront of the latest digital technologies, both playful and relevant.

And as we must not ignore the traditions and culture, the visitor also takes a lot of fun to taste the different regional products and Russian cuisine. Inside the pavilion, a bar-laboratory allows testing of original and traditional drinks, made with herbs ... and water from Baikal lake! ... and in the evening: of course vodka !!

A little further, there's a cookbook-like food stand where we can taste Russian specialties... during our visit, we enjoyed the famous Kasha, made of crushed buckwheat, onions, mushrooms and of kvass... so delicious!
Needless to say, these tastings spaces are often full, you must have a little patience.

For those who wish to go further, and test the Russian gastronomy... a rather original restaurant awaits you in the pavilion. In fact, a section of the Trans-Siberian railway wagon welcomes guests who wish to taste the best Russian dishes. This time, it's a reminder of a famous attraction of the 1900 World Expo in Paris, where one could dine in a Trans-Siberian restaurant car, inside the Russian pavilions at the Trocadero. An animated panorama was shown through the windows of the train, simulating during 45 minutes of the meal, a trip from Moscow to Beijing. Certainly a thrilling experience in Paris in 1900, is "almost" possible to revive in Milan in 2015.

Note that the truly unique setting of all the interior spaces of the pavilion, and hospitality of the staff always very friendly ... it really seems that it's Russia that received us... to make this initiation journey in the heart of Russia, unforgettable!

We can't visit the pavilion without addressing its particular roof, our gracious hostesse then invites us to discover this entirely green roof, which is a must marvels of this Milanese expo... from which you can admire all the Expo.
A bar also allows you to refresh, while enjoying the breathtaking view.

The pavilion of Russia is certainly one of the best of the Expo... not to be missed!

Russian pavilion :

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  1. thank you very much, Laurent for vivid story about Russia's participation in the Expo, covering many interesting historical reminiscences and details of cultural uniqueness !