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Vanuatu pavilion... Go Organic for Better Life

Vanuatu pavilion -> Cluster Spices

Vanuatu’s participation at Expo Milano 2015 will be a celebration of its profound and acclaimed happiness – selected twice as the “Happiest People on Earth” (Happy Planet Index in 2006 and Lonely Planet in 2010) – and its carbon-free, simple lifestyle. Its beautiful Y-shaped tropical archipelago of over 80 islands, 65 of which are inhabited, is set in the great South Pacific Ocean.
Its extreme vulnerability sets it on the leading edge of climate change and the Vanuatu islands are strongly committed to maintaining their traditional way of life (e.g. harvesting during the right seasons). Extraordinary cultural festivals, such as the breathtaking land diving, accompany the natural seasonal cycles.

At Expo Milano 2015, the Vanuatu Pavilion tells the story of its origins. Archaeological evidence indicates that, by 1300 b.c., islands in northern Vanuatu had been settled by people of the Lapita culture from Melanesian islands to the west. Since then, there have been successive waves of migrants, including people of Polynesian origin on the southern islands of Aniwa and Futuna. According to legend, life on the island began with the marriage of two plants – the Kava and the Coconut Tree – the kava is used for many important ceremonies and the coconut tree represents the ‘tree of life’.

Participating in the Spices Cluster, Vanuatu aims to show how the island embraces people, history and cultures and educates and communicates with citizens on the needs, issues and development of the different sectors that build the country’s economy. These include agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism, technology and the manufacturing industry and contribute to support the Theme of Expo Milano 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. It will also illustrate how ‘Organic for Better Life’ is lived on a daily basis among its people. Its story will unfold throughout the Pavilion through experiences that will describe Vanuatu’s vision of productive sectors that can increase food security and can create an enabling environment for investment and tourism opportunities that can further strengthen the economy.
For this reason Vanuatu continues to encourage its people to maintain a healthy and happy living environment in Vanuatu and sees the World Expo Theme; ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ as supporting its way of life.

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