mardi 21 juillet 2015

Pavilions of Expo 2015 Milano : BELGIUM

Today is the National Day in Belgium, let's celebrate the Belgian Pavilion at the Expo 2015 Milan... and make a short visit.

Before to start, I would like clarify that I was completely conquered by this Pavilion, as nice as the Belgian themselves, with all the positive aspects that it involves... a visit full of charm and friendliness!

Externally, the architecture (Patrick Génard and associates), invites us to discover this pavilion... an entry, such a Belgian farm, invites us to push the door, wood is everywhere, sign of tradition but above all of sustainabilty... and glass, where each plate contains solar panels, and a wind turbine placed outdoors, providing almost electrical autonomy at the Pavilion!
Let's go...

We are immediately greeted by members of the team of the Pavilion, nice and smiling... they invite us to discover this Pavilion, they really seem to be proud of it. Quite rightly, as we can see it.
The three regions of the Belgium are represented: Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels.

Before descending into the bowels of the Pavilion, we do the tour of this kind of halle, or rather farm, to learn a little more about food, and the themes put forward by the Belgium Pavilion: agriculture, gastronomy, food security, science, etc... and a passage by the workshop of chocolate, topped with a huge pod of cocoa, which does not fail to interest all greedy.

Let us not forget to mention this historical wink, a model of the Atomium of Expo'58 in Brussels, history recall that the Belgium always participated in the Universal Expositions, and host many of famous ones, including the latest, in 1958, with its also known symbol than the Eiffel Tower.

This quick informative tour finished, we find ourselves before this dark ramp that descends under the pavilion... clearly, the Pavilion offers us to discover what will be the food of tomorrow, how the growing, as well as new food... This is the "cave" of the Pavilion, which offers many innovations.

We are immediately attracted by big 'machines'... in the lower part, a kind of aquarium, filled of Tilapia fishes, topped with a rotating drum which rotates very slowly, planted basil, and enlightened by led "solar"... it's the aquapony, a plant cultivation in perfect symbiosis with fish farming, where plantations are naturally fertilized by their droppings.

Hydroponics is also shown, in particular with culture of aromatic herbs on long rails, to optimize planting surfaces. Note that the entire production of this "cave" is used in the pavilion restaurant ... 100% Bio!

Many other alternative nutritions are proposed here, like ancient wild plants, the consumption of protein-rich insects, or innovative products such as Permafungi project, which, with a kit, to produce its own mushrooms, with a fertilizer made from coffee grounds. There's really something for everyone at this great pavilion of Belgium.

Then, a circular staircase invites us to go upstairs ... and we can find the third part of the pavilion, and festive and joyful Belgium. The shop, of course, propose the famous Belgian chocolates - how can you resist? - And the cozy brasserie with its rich sample of Belgian beers, all tastier than each other!

After strolling and enjoyed in this very welcoming space, we come out of the pavilion, whose exterior is just as friendly. A sort of esplanade made of wooden bleachers, allows you to relax and to eat ... Belgian specialties, beer, waffles and fries, among others... This area also hosts events and shows organized by the pavilion.

In summary, the pavilion of Belgium is one of the essential places of Expo ... again, Belgium makes figure of "good student" of the Expos, offering a magnificent pavilion, fun, and environmentally responsible. It respects both the theme and plays the game by offering solutions for the future ... a big applause to the pavilion of Belgium for offering us such a nice showcase, and thank you for the lovely welcome!

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