vendredi 11 avril 2014

Angola pavilion... theme statement

The chosen theme for the Angolan participation is “Food and Culture: Education for Innovation”, a theme that allows for a wider reflection anchored in the Culture, the Soul and the Expression of a country through its richness and culinary culture.

With this in mind, we want to show the world the richness and cultural diversity of Angolan cuisine, as well as rituals and traditions associated with it. The Angolan exhibition intends to be a journey, which will engage visitors to discover aspects of Angolan Culture, both native and assimilated from other cultures, the products that form the basis of Angolan’s nutrition, what those products are and how they will be used by the actual and future generations towards a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.
The chosen slogan “Education for Innovation” outlooks the future – Education meaning essentially to take care of the future and innovation, a word in constant re-definition, keeping in mind knowledge, raising awareness and the perceptions for the visitors that Angolans are building their own future.

Conceptual and educational plan
As mentioned above in the introduction, “Food and Culture” allows for a wider reflection on the social behaviour, identity and lifestyle and its relation to the history and culinary traditions.
In this view, “Education” is understood as the effort to create awareness at various levels of the Angolan society towards the subject of nourishment and food. Be it teaching in schools and colleges, the effort to create regulations for locally manufactured and imported food products or introducing standards at local food stalls and markets. “Innovation” entails on the one hand the encouragement of “good practices” found indigenously in Angola, such as century-old wisdoms and customs that research has revealed to be healthy and sustainable, on the other hand incorporating new technologies and high end science for an altogether holistic development path.
The Angolan exhibition will showcase both these efforts, with particular emphasis in the role of women as pillars of the home, transition of wisdom and of the food supply chains. Women play a very important role in the production and preparation of food, and are influential in the cultural processes of maternity, family management, hygiene, health, safety, home economy and education – not only factual but also in the direct transmission of culture and values.

Architecture and technology
The Pavilion will be structured in accordance to the contents in display, and intends to be a clear expression of such contents. For this, we will use every available technology at our disposal, to create an integrated interior / exterior exhibition environment that showcases and engages visitors in the Angolan Lifestyle.
There will be an outdoor garden zone and a vegetable garden, where Angolan plants and food will be cultivated and visitors can interact with those. Traditionally, Angolan pavilions also have an art gallery space and two restaurant spaces. There will be also an administrative zone, clearly separated from the exhibition area.
We shall use a simple construction of the pavilion structure that can be easily dismantled and we will pay special attention to use sustainable materials. We intend to create a memorable experience by inviting the participants to experience the Angolan lifestyle both by virtue of using technology and augmented reality and also by providing tactile and physical experiences, though their interaction with natural materials.

Exhibits and active content
“Food and Culture: Education for Innovation” will transmit the message that Angola is growing and developing its own methods for food safety and control. Visitors will have an interactive experience that showcases such efforts and will be able to understand its relevance within the wider context of Angola, transporting a general idea of the country and its geography, cultural heritage, history and diversity.
There will be shows, entertainment and cultural performances by Angolan groups, both within the Pavilion and outside on Expo stages and other forums. This is to transmit the messages of the chosen theme, the vitality of the Angolan people and their positive look at the future, ready to interact with the visitors and other participant entities.

Commercial activities and food services
The Angolan Pavilion will have two restaurants, one for normal public and serving Angolan dishes and a second smaller one, which will be a laboratory to create the “New Angolan Cuisine” – fusion dishes prepared and tasted in collaboration with guest chefs and visitors.
In addition, there will be a bazaar that sells Angolan handicraft, music recordings and merchandising items; part of the area will also be a thematic bazaar, offering some of Angola’s teas, coffees and dried fruits.

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