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From Latvia... Lettonie

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The main theme of Expo Milan 2015 is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. According to Guidelines for Participants countries can also choose one of sub-themes. Latvia has decided to work with Food and culture for better life.

For the first time ever, Ministry of Economics of Latvia organised sketch design competition for architecture and content of the national pavilion. A jury commission of 12 experts evaluated applications and conducted interviews to select the best of 10 rivalling bids, awarding the right of implementing its concept for Latvian Pavilion to limited partnership EXPO 2015 L.P.

Oak tree-shaped wooden structure will resemble Latvia’s biodiversity, and highlight the leading national sectors and experience in promoting sustainable business. Latvia will assume the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2015, succeeding Italy, therefore its participation in Milan Expo will draw close attention of political and diplomatic circles.

Oak tree symbolises firm belief of our people in harmonious and respectful coexistence of a man and nature as the only way to preserving the long-term integrity of the vast and diverse ecosystem.
A tree that combines centuries of architectural advancement and modern digital technologies will give an insight into Latvia’s ecosystem and an opportunity to experience Latvia.
The canopy, the trunk and the roots section of the tree will evoke different emotions and feelings. The tree will provide a refreshing shade everywhere, urging visitors to stay a while longer.
Latvia’s exposition, the total area of which would reach around 600m2 according to plans, will be accessible and viewable from three sides. That will help spread visitor flows more evenly and allow large masses of visitors to enter and move around the pavilion with greater convenience. Conference Centre located underneath the canopy will become the venue for active exchange of ideas between invited speakers, and roots of the tree will serve as an extension of the exposition with separate rooms.
Latvian Pavilion will occupy Plot N14 with total area of 1 147m2. Plot is located near the main entrance through which, according to the estimations of the Expo organisers, some 60% of visitors will come.

Architectural design of the pavilion is fully in line with the concept of the Latvian exposition as it blends the pavilion and exposition together perfectly.
The team behind the concept of the national pavilion consists of new generation professionals - experts in different areas brought together by Positivus Event, an entity responsible for many successful years of Positivus festival, the biggest music and arts festival in Baltics, and technical producers of the Grand Gala of the XXV Nationwide Song and Dance Festival.
Architecture and design of the pavilion had been created by architects Miķelis Putrāms and Linda Krūmiņa (MADE arhitekti), winners of 2012 Latvian Architecture Grand Prix, artist Rolands Pēterkops (MAREUNROL’S duo), participant and winner of numerous international fashion and art festivals, and Mārtiņš Pīlēns (Manager of 1PLUS1 architectural studio), finalist and winner of several Latvian Architecture Grand Prix.
Wide, open space inside the pavilion, underneath the massive branches of an oak tree, will be full of interactive information, tingling all five senses of visitors. Various architectural, interior and design features, visual identity developed by design agency Brandbox, branch of McCann WorldGroup Riga, and technical solutions developed by CUBE will contribute to an unforgettable aesthetic quality of pavilion. Producers’ Group Positivus Event and Sigvards Kļava, Artistic Director of Latvian Radio Choir, winner of numerous Latvian Grand Music Awards, will make sure that music played underneath the canopy is unforgettable experience for visitors. The chef and author of the slow food concept of the Latvian pavilion, Mārtiņš Rītiņš, will create delicacies that will tingle everyone’s taste buds, but the smell of Latvia in Milan will come from natural materials of the exposition, wood and freshly-baked bread.
The new “EXPO 2015”bureau of Latvia is in charge of supervising the operation and events of Latvian Pavilion. Latvian Pavilion of Expo Milan 2015 will hold a great variety of business and culture events, including Latvia’s National Day, showing Milan all the best that Latvia can offer.

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