mercredi 16 avril 2014

Competition for designing the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2015

On 15th April, PAIiIZ announced the competition for designing the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2015. The contests also includes designing internal exposition in the pavilion and its surroundings. The contest is dedicated to architects. The Union of Polish Architects (SARP) is the Patron of the merits of the competition.

“We expect that the authors of the projects will creatively develop the guidelines of Polish participation in the EXPO 2015 described in the >>EXPO 2015 Concept Programme<< adopted by the Council of Ministers, which is a background of the economic and cultural presentation of Poland at the exhibition”, said Sławomir Majman, PAIiIZ president and the General Commissioner of the Polish Section at EXPO 2015.

The Jury, chaired by vice-president of the SARP, architect Włodzimierz Mucha will assess projects guided by three main criteria: the uniqueness and attractiveness of each project, accuracy of selected architectural solutions and optimization in terms of deadlines and budget.

The participation form should be submitted to PAIiIZ by 24 April 2014 until 15.00. The deadline for projects’ presentation is  21 May 2014 by 15.00. The finalist will be chosen on 26 May, 2014.(PAIiIZ)

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