mercredi 11 juin 2014

Food and Friends... the Family

The Expo Milano 2015 mascot captures the fundamental themes of the event in a positive, original and empathetic key. Sincere, wise, respectful and a fan of healthy and tasty food, Foody represents community, diversity and food in its broadest sense as the source of our life and energy. It is thus fitting that the Expo mascot is actually a family with eleven members, each one with its own characteristics and personality. Bona fide characters in their own right, joined together into a Single Face, they represent the ideal synergy among the world’s countries, who are called upon to respond positively and energetically to the challenges our planet is facing regarding food, standing as a true family, united, engaging and dynamic.

Food Family in there environment...

RAP-BROTHERS, the radishes

PIERA, the pear

CHICCA, the pomegranate

POMINA, the apple

MANGHY, the mango

MAX-MAIS, the blue corn

ARABELLA, the orange

JOSEPHINE, the banana

RODOLFO, the fig

GURY, the watermelon

GUAGILLO, the garlic

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