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EXPO 2015 Magyarorszag - HUNGARY pavilion Website

Concept of the Hungarian pavilion

The guiding philosophy for Hungarian participation is the interaction between healthy food and a healthy lifestyle, the guarantee of food security, together with the conservation of genetic diversity for future generations.
Hungary would like to participate at Expo Milano 2015 in the following three integrated topics.

Healthy traditions

The aim is to give priority to healthy and high-quality Hungarian food, and to the development of family farms and garden farming; the presentation of husbandry and horticulture with focus on qualitative and mosaic agriculture – taking the environment and land management issues into consideration – instead of monoculture mass production. The main objectives are the conscious preservation of the land, sustainable farming using natural resources, protection of potable water sources and soil, protection of wildlife and the environment, and to provide the population with quality food and a safe food supply.

Hungary, the country of water

Hungary is widely considered an empire of pure drinking water and thermal baths. Our goal is the familiarisation of Hungary’s thermal waters, mineral waters and natural waters, their use in healthcare therapies and for the prevention of disease, as well as their use in developing a healthy lifestyle. Hungary is famous for its different types of mineral waters, and for its thermal waters used for medical treatments.
In the autumn of 2013, Budapest is going to host the World Conference of Water. We would like to take advantage of this opportunity, and are planning to advance the main themes of this event, namely water protection concerns, the question of water scarcity in developing countries, and possible solutions for these problems.

Heritage for the future

Agricultural research, the conservation and transmission of the biological heritage by scientific methods, and innovative technologies are the first concerns for Hungary, specifically the preservation of indigenous plant and animal species (“Hungaricums”) in gene banks, as well as its related sciences and developments.

Nevertheless, the production of organic, not genetically modified (GM-free) vegetables, crops and plants is also very important or preserving the health of future generations. Hungary is among the continuously shrinking number of countries, where the production of GM crops and plants are not allowed. Hungary is a committed promoter of the production of GM-free food products.

Hungary is going to build a restaurant area for its “Hungaricum” (originally Hungarian) food products in the Pavilion and green area of the lot. Hungary would like to not only to show off its cuisine, but also provide opportunities for visitors to taste dishes. There are also going to be workshops, where recipes and preparation techniques are going to be taught. Guests are going to have the opportunity to judge the quality of our mineral waters and wines for themselves by tasting them.

During the Expo, visitors are going to have the opportunity to see exhibitions and attend fairs in the above-mentioned topics, but the pavilion is also going to be full art events and scientific programs representing Hungary, as well as programs organised on the occasions of our national holidays and feast days.

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