lundi 9 juin 2014

66th Prix Italia-Expo award for young filmmakers

Participants from all over the world are welcome to submit a 3 minute video inspired by the “Feeding the planet” theme. The prize is 4,000 Euros.

A short film to provoke, inform, entertain, reflect about food issues: this is exactly what the EXPO 2015 SPECIAL PRIZE – Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life is asking of young filmmakers the world over. This brand-new competition is offering them a unique chance to take part in the grand debate about food, sustainability and hunger in the world, taking place in Milan during the Universal Exhibition of 2015. The prize is a special project created by Prix Italia, the oldest and most prestigious international radio, television and web programme competition, in cooperation with Expo 2015.

In order to compete. a video lasting up to 3 minutes may be entered, based on the theme “Feeding Your Planet”. It is the theme of the Milan Expo, which is scheduled to take place 1st May to 31st October 2015 and will strive to answer the question: how to guarantee sustainable, sufficient and healthy food for all of the world’s population?

It is an opportunity for competitors to unleash their creativity on such a crucial theme for mankind’s culture, history and society as food. In order to get their message across, film-makers may resort to humour or turn to the hum-drum of everyday life or indeed anything deemed of use in promoting awareness about world hunger issues.

The video may be shot using any kind of instrument or technique (film, studio animation, graphics etc.). It may also be in any language, while a preference will be shown for those containing an international and independent message. The best films will be posted online in accordance with competition rules. A  jury of top TV and cinema experts will then select the winner, to be announced at the Prix Italia Festival in Turin, from the five most-voted videos. The winner will receive Euro 4,000 in prize money. The deadline for application is 30 June, 2014.

The competition is open to film-makers of every nationality aged between 18 and 29 years. The complete set of rules and details to compete may be found on the following sites:

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