mardi 24 juin 2014

Algeria... what's new ?

Theme "Agricultural heritage and Technological Development for food self-sufficiency"

The Concept

Algeria is participating in the Expo Milano 2015 in the Bio Mediterranean Cluster and will show two key aspects of the country: its cultural heritage and development. Its cultural heritage showcase describes how in the past, Algerians used to hunt for their food and how difficult that was in Algeria’s arid terrain. Hunting was also very much a part of rock art, typical of the Tassili region in the Sahara desert, in Northeast Algeria.

Its development showcase is dedicated to the cultural heritage of the Foggara, Algeria’s system for obtaining and distributing water in such tough and arid conditions. This section is focused on the sustainability and the efficiency of Algeria’s nutrition projects, namely, technology used in agricultural services such as greenhouses, dams, fertilization and campaigns against deforestation, desertification and marine pollution. Also highlighted is the rich and healthy Algerian diet which is based mainly on fruits, vegetables and fish. At the exhibition site of Algeria, a space of 375 square meters, visitors can taste traditional cous cous dishes and other typical fare from its national cuisine.

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