mardi 10 juin 2014

Where will be the Austria Pavilion ?


The 110 hectare EXPO site will be surrounded by a canal which symbolises water as one of the central elements of the EXPO theme. As well as having a positive influence on the micro-climate it also references the Navigli, a system of waterways around Milan, some elements of which were conceived by Leonardo da Vinci.
The layout of the site is modelled on the classic grid system used in Roman towns, with two main streets, the cardo (north-south) and the decumanus (east-west). A large central square on the scale of the Piazza della Scala di Milano is located at the intersection of these two axes. The international participants are situated along the decumanus, while the Italian exhibitions are grouped around the cardo.
The Austrian plot is not far from the intersection of the two main axes, opposite the German and Swiss exhibitions and adjacent to that of Slovenia. From the terrace of the Austrian pavilion, visitors enjoy an unobstructed view of the 9,000-seat Open Air Theatre, where the official ceremonies, performances and concerts will take place.

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