jeudi 5 juin 2014

Learn about UK participation

The UK Pavilion
Visitor Experience

The UK Pavilion will mark the point where creativity, science and technology combine to tackle the challenge of feeding the planet.
It will shine a light on the cutting-edge British research working to alleviate these pressing challenges and highlights UK expertise and innovation.
Visitors will engage with the theme as they meander through a beautiful fruit orchard and enter a natural wildflower meadow.
As they near the centre of the meadow, the focal point of the UK Pavilion will come into view: a delicate and ethereal golden orb structure made of fine steel lattice based on an abstractedanalogue of honeycomb. The Hive will pulsate and buzz with the noise of a real bee colony. It plays on the parallels between bee and
human societies.
It will be designed by Wolfgang Buttress and developed and built with internationally-recognised UK construction expertise from Stage One, Rise, BDP and Tristan Simmonds.

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