lundi 16 juin 2014

Japan Celebrates its Pavilion Construction with Traditional Ceremony

"I am sure that Japan’s presence at Expo Milano 2015 will spark some interesting insights around our challenge to find tangible solutions to the millennium’s food issues, whilst promoting development of sustainability and respect for natural resources."

These comments, made by Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner of the Government of Italy for Expo Milano 2015, were delivered at a ceremony, held this morning, celebrating progress in the construction of Japan’s Pavilion for the Universal Exposition. Work undertaken in the month of May, has gone according to plan. Excavations and foundations of the exhibition space have been completed and today marks the beginning of the second phase, namely, construction of the building above ground.

Giving a ritual hammer blow to the two barrels of sake - a symbolic gesture of a new beginning and hope for success, according to the ceremonial "Kagamibiraki" - were the Consul General of Japan in Milan Kyoko Koga, Giuseppe Sala, and Japan’s Commissioner General for Expo Milano 2015, Tatsuya Kato.

Japan’s Pavilion, designed by one of Japan’s most famous architects, Atsushi Kitagawara, will interpret the theme of the Universal Exposition in Milan "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life," representing all its knowledge, experience and techniques, within the produce and food culture.

"Inspired by the importance of the theme of Expo Milano 2015, we designed Japan’s Pavilion to develop the concept of Harmonious Diversity," said Tatsuya Kato. It’s a theme that seeks to emphasize how "diversity" cultivated in our Country, in harmony with nature, can offer great possibilities in managing food issues.


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