dimanche 21 septembre 2014

AnciperExpo arriva a Vicenza per promuovere la prossima Esposizione Universale

On September 21, ANCIperExpo makes a stop in the city of Vicenza to promote regional excellence, in partnership with the Res Tipica Association, in the lead up to the forthcoming Universal Exposition in Milan.

At 11.00, at the Terrazza della Basilica Palladiana, a formal meeting "Towards Expo 2015" has been organized with attendees Achille Variati, Mayor of Vicenza; Maria Rita Busetti, President of ANCI Veneto; Paolo Rosso, Director of the Department of Tourism for the Veneto Region; Barbara Degani, Under-secretary for the Ministry of the Environment; and Paolo Mariani, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza.

Other guests expected at the Terrazza are Paolo Cottini, Manager of Institutional Affairs Expo Milano 2015; Marco Marturano, Head of Communications for ANCIperExpo; Sergio Silvotti, President of the Fondazione Triulza; Ezio Bertino, External Relations Manager for Italy's Yellow Pages; Patrizia Galeazzo, Project Manager of Schools, Italian Pavilion; and Dario Menara, Director ANCI Veneto. The invitation-only event will address Mayors of local municipalities, the press, cultural associations and key stakeholders that encourage interest in Expo Milano 2015.

Thanks to the contribution of Res Tipica, created for the promotion and enhancement of local gems in participating municipalities around the areabe they food and wine, environmental, cultural or touristic – the Venetian associations Città del Vino (City of Wine) and Città delle Ciliegie (City of Cherries) will be attending. A rich program of events and public meetings is also being organized in the city.

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