mardi 16 septembre 2014

Masterplan Expo 2015 Milano - 3D video of Expo Site !!!

The design of the Exhibition Site exceeds the setting of the previous Expo, pointing on the monumental technological / architectural amaze the visitor, in favor of a new focus to the landscape, open common areas.

The design of the Exhibition Site consists of the following elements:
• Main routes: Cardo and Decuman
• A new concept of municipalities: The Channel and Landscape
• The main iconic elements: The 4 CARDINAL POINTS OF THE SITE Expo (Expo Centre, Lake Arena, Open Air Theatre and the Hill)
• The Hits: West, East and the Passerelle Expo-Fair and Expo-Merlata
• The architecture of service
• Participants Officers: Lots of participating countries
• Participants Officers: The Cluster
• Spaces for Participation in Italian: Italian Pavilion
• Participants Unofficial: Corporate Areas
• The Civil Society: La Cascina Triulza
• The Thematic Areas: H


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