jeudi 25 septembre 2014

Etihad in EXPO: Connecting the World

Etihad and Alitalia are Official Global Airline carriers of EXPO Milan 2015.

Under the theme Connecting the World, Etihad and Alitalia are committed to increase the participation at EXPO. This includes increasing the frequency of our flights and the routes covered, offering competitive rates, and providing additional services to accommodate the needs of EXPO.

Etihad and Alitalia hope to not only make it possible for people to attend, but also to contribute to the experience of participating in such an event.  Additionally, Etihad and Alitalia are building a pavilion that will host a Social Hub. The Social Hub will be a dedicated space that will enable participants both present and remote to take part in the conversation and activities being hosted at our pavilion. Follow uson Facebook or join the conversation on Twitter with #EtihadAlitalia #EXPO2015.

Our goal in EXPO will be to bring people together, so that the mission of EXPO can be achieved successfully. To be a part of this world-changing event, book your flight. EXPO ticket will be available starting October 30th; We look forward to welcoming you in Milan!

 Etihad in EXPO: Connecting the World

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