mardi 30 septembre 2014

Some news from Chile pavilion...

Chancellor Heraldo Munoz confirms the presidential visit of Michelle Bachelet at Expo 2015 Milano !

The Foreign Minister, Heraldo Muñoz, announced that President Michelle Bachelet visiting Italy, after the invitation of that country's Premier, Matteo Renzi, the governor underwent bilateral meeting both held in the framework of its tour to New York to attend the UN General Assembly.
In this regard, the Chancellor explained that the quote "we discussed bilateral relations and particularly on the intention of the Italian Prime Minister to visit Chile before the Expo Milan".
"Chile has a large pavilion at the Expo Milan opens the first of May next year and the President will go to Italy, was invited by the Prime Minister to be in the flag of our country, which is food security," explained .

As the desire for Renzi to go to our country, Muñoz said "the premier expressed the desire to have a package of investments and explore Italy in Chile before the visit by way of a mission-Government enterprises are those areas where new Italy would like to invest in Chile, "he said.

Augusto Aninat : "Italy we offer a significant number of opportunities for local production"

From Milan, the commercial director of ProChile in Italy, Augusto Aninat unveiled projections products and local enterprises in a market that is recognized as the most important room in the European Union.
In relation to the opportunities that Italy offers Aninat said "it is not only an important market for transactions in goods but also for services and movements of production factors capital and human resources." At the meeting, the commercial director stressed that opportunities are generated through the Cooperation Agreement between Chile and the EU, which includes commitments in various fields, as well as through "a successful Chilean-Italian community living here whose relationships and ideas must be seized. "
On the role of ProChile office in Milan, the director said, "Our work focuses on relating to Italian and Chilean actors who want to participate in markets, promoting the nexus for domestic producers and potential entrepreneurs in the region" . He noted that "a modest budget, within seven professionals who make up the team in Milan, have made ​​great arrangements and enthusiastically we can ensure that they can achieve very good results."
In turn, Aninat has been instrumental in terms of the organization of meetings between Milan Expo 2015, and the charge of the local proposal, describing her participation as "the most extensive cooperation, establishing a good relationship with the Commissioner General and his team, "pledging to" provide our institutional experience, mainly in the organization of some parallel sessions focusing on Country Image ".
Aninat noted that late next month's annual meeting of the European offices ProChile be held in Paris. There the institutional guidelines for the next four years and supplementary performed during the stay of the Chilean Pavilion at the sample activities are fixed.

Starts lifting structure of Chilean pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano

The executive management of Expo Milan 2015 Chile signed an agreement with the builder Sarappalti Valori, who is in charge of the construction and coordination of facilities for the Chilean flag next international exhibition in Milan. Decision was coordinated through a public tender published in local newspapers, instance threw a pre-classification of 17 European proposals. The decision was taken following an assessment as to offer and experience in large projects.
The whole process was carried out at the offices of ProChile in Milan, through support and coordination of the commercial director of the institution, Aninat Augusto, who has been active in all agreements carried the flag on their premises. In turn, the firm was made in Italy and streaming communication between the organizing delegation in Santiago.

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