lundi 22 septembre 2014

EXPONENDO. Before, After, Under, Over Expo Milano 2015

19 september 2014 to 30 april 2015...

Milan’s Museum of Science and Technology is until April 2015 hosting an exhibition on the history of Universal Expositions. "Exponendo" provides an overview of the Expositions of the past and a preview of Expo Milano 2015: a trip back in time through objects, interactive installations and movies.

A history of objects: before and after Expo Milano 2015

What do a Remington typewriter from 1890, a model of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome and a basket for a hot air balloon from the beginning of the 20th century have in common? They are all objects from the Museum’s collections that help us better understand events on a given timeline: from London, 1851 to Paris, 1889; from the Exposition in Chicago, 1933 to the Brussels edition of 1958; passing by the great Exposition of Milan held in 1906 to which particular focus is given. The basket of the hot air balloon and an historical model of an elevated railroad built in Milan for the occasion, celebrate the grandeur of this historic edition and reveal the central theme of the Museum’s exhibition:  technology.

A Smart Expo

Audiovisual and multimedia installations present a number of innovative and technological features of the event which will be held next year in Milan. At Expo Milano 2015, in fact, they are the focal point of an entire thematic area of "Exponendo". This engaging and entertaining experience for visitors is achieved through a series of mirrors which reproduce characters who "reflect" the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life  (a farmer, a rancher, a family that eats ...). The public can photograph themselves while interacting with outlines applied on mirrors ... and take home a souvenir from the future.

Over and under Expo Milano 2015

In the section on the Milan Exposition of 2015 are reflections on smart solutions designed for the Expo site, but also a preview of advanced technology systems used within the exhibition halls. Covering an area of twelve square meters are presented the "upper" part of the exhibition site, that is, the thematic routes, areas for events, green spaces and those designed for hosting services, and "lower" part, the site’s technological platform organized on five levels: Energy, Information Technology, Security, Edutainment and Services. Two videos help visitors in reading the themes of "sustainability" and "smartainability."

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