lundi 31 mars 2014

Mexico... que pasa por aqui ?

Theme "Mexico, the Seed for the New World: Food, Diversity and Heritage"

The Concept

Mexico is home to a wide variety of plants, animals and ecosystems: a true cradle of biodiversity. This wealth is tied closely to an ancient culture and to one of the most diverse, sophisticated, and assorted gastronomies of the world, so much so that in 2010 Mexican cuisine was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Its history is made up of flavors, a cultural model that harmonizes and combines agricultural activities, rituals, traditional practices, wisdom, techniques and culinary habits, unique tools - such as the metate or the molcajete - and communal activities.

In joining Expo Milano 2015, Mexico seeks to show visitors the wealth of its natural resources and biodiversity, and its commitment to finding solutions for a world free from hunger, malnutrition and unsustainable food production practices. It also seeks to present its contribution to the global production of a large number of foods with healing properties.

Russian project for Expo 2015 Milano, by Archtects of Invention (AI)

Poland Signed the Participation Agreement with EXPO 2015

Poland signed the participation agreement in the next year's World Exposition in Milan, EXPO 2015.

The celebration of Polish - Italian agreement held on 31 March in Milan was attended by the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Economy and the head of the Polish interdepartmental team for EXPO 2015 – Minister Dariusz Bogdan and Commissioner General of Polish Section Expo and President of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) – Sławomir Majman.

- We have made another important step bringing us closer to Expo 2015 – the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Economy, Dariusz Bogdan, head of the Polish interdepartmental team for EXPO 2015 said.

On 31 March 2014 the document of the Polish party was signed by Commissioner General of the Polish Section EXPO 2015, Sławomir Majman. The Italian organisers were represented by Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner General for EXPO 2015.

- The agreement signed today guarantees Poland the location on a site of 2,400 sq m – the Deputy Minister stressed. The agreement with Italy gave Poland a prestigious location on which the National Pavilion will sit. The site is located in the heart of EXPO exposition area near the Italian Pavilion and in the immediate vicinity of the French, German, British, Spanish or Hungarian sites.

The Deputy Minister also said that a competition for the architectural concept of the Polish Pavilion and the accompanying arrangement of the adjacent area will be published shortly. – We are coming to a close with our work on the schedule of events accompanying Expo – the Deputy Minister stressed.

- In 396 days, we shall begin Poland’s 1840-day promotional marathon for Expo 2015. We want Poland to have the most Italian-style pavilion among all expositions, besides naturally the Italian Pavilion - Minister Dariusz Bogdan announced. In his statement, the Minister pointed to many common elements between Poland and Italy such as export success of the main industries of both countries, which are farming and food, and attachment to tradition, love for home cuisine and a feast gathering all at the family table.

- The signature of the agreement by Poland for is another step forward in the success of Expo 2015, and Poland’s presence means no boredom at the Milan EXPO – Italian Commissioner General, EXPO 2015, Giuseppe Sala said summing up the statements made the Polish party.

jeudi 20 mars 2014

Czech Pavilion at Expo 2015

Unanimous decision by the judges awarded first place to KOMA for the design of the Czech Pavilion at the 2015 Expo to be held in Milan.

KOMA is specialized in modular construction for a wide vary of functions, with practical prefabricated elements, low budget for construction and reuse at the base of all their designs.

For the 2015 Exhibition, Brno based architecture firm Chybik + Kristof Associated Architects conceived the modular design for KOMA that stands up to international competition standards. 
Judges preferred the design to others presented due to the innovation in construction and ease to transport and dismantle the Pavilion after the 2015 event. Other aspects were also taken into account, like the free flowing nature from indoor to outdoor facilitating movement of the visitors around the space and the integration of water and  landscape into the Czech Pavilion. The three floor, all-white, temporary pavilion will have a swimming pool at the entrance and roof garden on the top floor of the structure.

Another essential aspect in the judges decision was the easy reallocation of the prefabricated structure after the 2015 event  ”the contractor took into account that after the EXPO, the pavilion will be dismantled and brought back to the Czech Republic, and would like to offer it for use as a preschool.” says commissioner general of the Czech Pavilion, Jiří František Potužník, to National Czech Television recently.

Nitra based KOMA, company specialized in modular construction has branches in Prague and Brno. They manufacture prefabricated, multi storey, energy efficient and fire resistant dry constructions for use as offices, schools, houses, shops to name but a few options. With a yearly production of around 2 500 modules, of which 80% are exported, the company is a registered supplier to the UN, NATO and several other international organizations. 
Price tag on the Czech Pavilion is to be €2.2 million, around half that spend on the Czech Pavilion at Shanghai Expo in 2010.

samedi 15 mars 2014

Expo 2015: China's pavilion - Video

"Land for hope, food for life" is the key word for China's pavilion at Expo Milan 2015...

Foody & friends... in Video

The Expo Milano 2015 mascot, Foody, embodies the key themes of the event in a way that’s upbeat, original and powerful. Foody is honest, wise, respectful and a real fan of healthy, tasty food. Foody also stands for community, diversity and food in the broadest sense, as a source of life and energy. So it makes sense that the Expo mascot be a family of eleven members, each having their own unique personalities: real characters in their own right, and expressed as a single face. They represent an ideal synergy between those countries in the world who must address the planet’s food challenges, positively and energetically, and united as a true family.

The mascot characters are
Guagliò, the Garlic - Arabella, the Orange - Josephine, the Banana - Gury, the Watermelon - Pomina, the Apple - Max Maize, the Blue Corn - Manghy, the Mango - Rodolfo, the Fig - Piera, the Pear - Rap Brothers, the Radishes - Chicca, the Pomegranate.

vendredi 14 mars 2014

What about the Russia Website, for Expo 2015 Milano ?

For the moment... no views from the pavilion... just some facts on a simple website.

We can learn more about Russian participation at EXPOs... what is the Expo 2015, and the logo selection for Russia Expo'15 !

The selection :

mercredi 12 mars 2014

Czech Republic Pavilion... in Milano...

Theme "Laboratory of Life"

The Concept

The Czech Republic is taking part in Expo Milano 2015 as a Country with a rich tradition in the field of agricultural production and food, and at the same time as a world leader in certain specific fields. It seeks to present experience and innovation in the management and use of water resources and the results of institutional biochemical research and nanotechnology research, applied in environmental care, in human and animal health and in safe food production.

Water is the main element of the Exposition, in line with the event theme, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Water brings together the worlds of science, nutrition, culture and the human life, and is physically represented by a mirror of water which is at the very center of the pavilion.

In taking part in the global dialogue on sustainability and food sources, the Czech Republic will also be able to make a contribution with its drinking water technologies in Africa, Asia and wherever there is a shortage. A quick fact about water: the Czech Republic has a long tradition of managing its water resources, made ​​clear by the presence of its numerous spas and swimming pools. It is probably the presence of these centers that is linked to the Country’s impossible dream of having a sea.

The Design of the Pavilion

The Czech Republic pavilion is not just an exhibition space, but also an experience that does not end with Milan Expo 2015. The winning proposal from the duo of young architects Chybík + Kristof, offers a pavilion on a plot of 1,362 square meters, using Koma modules that provides a system of progressive construction. The challenge of using recyclable materials and the incorporation of the surface water in the structure has resulted in an eye-catching pavilion. On the ground floor there are shops and a restaurant; on the first and second floors, exhibitions; and on the roof, a garden measuring over 350 square meters: a true "laboratory of life."

mardi 11 mars 2014

The model of the Monaco Pavilion presented to the public

Modern, original, ecological... Exhibited in gallery Fontvieille, this miniature of Monaco pavilion by artist Tina Alloncle challenges the public of the Principality. The project, designed for the Universal Expo in Milan in 2015, will present the actions of the Government of Monaco for the environment and humanitarian.

mercredi 5 mars 2014

Monaco Pavilion for Expo Milan

Excellence and Solidarity for ‘Pavillon Monaco’  – A New Look at Feeding the Planet is the theme chosen by the Principality of Monaco for their Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo.

The idea behind the theme is to attract as wide an audience as possible, both in demographic and geographic terms, focusing on Cooperation and the distribution of wealth, Governance through the support in research and innovation based on sustainable criteria and Education on good food practices among citizens.

The Monaco Pavilion is to be situated in a prime location near the eastern entrance of the Milan Expo grounds, on a 1010-m2 site with country pavilions of Saudi Arabia, Japan, Russia and Turkey close by.
Design of the project was overseen by Italian architect Enrico Pollini who based the concept on three symbols: shipping containers, familiar transport and storage elements form the main structure of the pavilion, a wooden roof spanning for the length of the building and a roof garden with a wide range of flora.

The roof garden on the top of the pavilion will have a sloping recalling that of the landscape in south-eastern France where the mountains descend towards the sea, covered in sphagnum moss, which is highly absorbent and can store 20 times its own volume in water as well as providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Other vegetation on the roof will come Mediterranean Basin and ensure flowering during the six months of the event as well as a vegetable garden highlighting Mediterranean crops on the Expo theme of ‘Feeding the Planet’.

The interior of the Monaco Pavilion, designed by the Germany based studio Facts and Fiction will be set up re-using wooden transport crates to form a kind of ‘ideas workhouse’ with eleven distinct exhibition stations regarding subjects from sustainable fishing, deforestation, the surge in jellyfish numbers and ocean acidification to cooperative initiatives in Madagascar, Burkina Faso and Mongolia.

Services inside the Monaco Pavilion include a restaurant where chef Philippe Joannès, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” and Executive Chef of the Fairmont Monte-Carlo Hotel has been appointed in charge of the kitchen and menu as well as a VIP lounge and terrace for private events.

Construction of the Pavilion will follow strict environmentally friendly ruled, with ADF Green Vision providing free high-intensity LED lighting. Uniforms for the female staff working in the pavilion designed by Jeanette Ivarson, a Monaco based designer renowned for active womenswear in a uniquely chic and sophisticated Monaco style.

After the Milan Expo closes in on the 31 October 2015, the Monaco Pavilion will be dismantled and reallocated to as a training centre for the Red Cross in Burkina Faso as a token of the circular economy held high among the values of Prince Albert II.

mardi 4 mars 2014

Chile on Facebook... interesting facts !

What do you know about the Chilean Antarctic ? 
It is located 990 kilometers from Punta Arenas and its largest population center is "Villa Las Estrellas". 
Chilean Antarctic territory covers an area of ​​1,250,000 Km ². 
Antarctic tourism is based on being in the farthest corners of the planet, where marine life and landscapes are unique in the world.