dimanche 30 novembre 2014

The NEW website of Czech pavilion...

We're very glad to discover the new website of Czech pavilion...
a nice place to learn more about this participation :


The Czech Pavilion for EXPO2015 represents top Czech modular architecture. Its purpose is to provide an adequate space for exhibitions and the facilities they need with the help of simple modular technology.

The unique architectural design is made possible by the principles of modular structuring. It is precisely its modular structure that will enable the pavilion to be recycled in the future.

The collapsibility of the pavilion enables much more effective use of non-renewable resources. The whole pavilion will become a lesson in renewability, cleaning and reuse of common elements such as water.

The design will enable the pavilion to substitute for several different functions. After returning to its home country, the pool could become a floating pontoon by the Prague warps and help develop the concept of enlivening urban riverbanks. After a simple modification the modular section of the pavilion will become a nursery.

And something very useful, a timeline to follow the work !

samedi 29 novembre 2014

A logo for Czech pavilion...

Simple... but nice !

CZ: Take cesky pavilon si jako nosne tema zvolil vodu.
EN: The Czech Pavilion's main topic is water.

and a recent pic from the Work site :
(10 november 2014)

vendredi 28 novembre 2014

Philippe Pastor and Monaco Pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano

H.S.H. Prince Albert II :
the signing of partnership between Monegasque international visual artist Philippe Pastor and Monaco Pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano.

Philippe Pastor's "burnt trees" will be part of the external project of Pavillon Monaco at Expo 2015 Milano.

History - Serbian pavilion at the Liége Universal Exposition, in 1905.


Commissioner general: Mr. HOGGE-FORT, Consul of Serbia, in Liège.
The Office Secretaries: Mr Knight WINIWARTER, DOBROSLI ZEBITCH
Commission in Belgium: Honorary President: h.e. Dr. VESNITCH, Minister of Serbia, Paris and Brussels.
Honorary Vice-President: Mr. Léon CASSEL, Consul general of Serbia in Brussels.
Chairman: Mr. G. H. ANTOINE, Consul of Serbia, in Antwerp.
Vice-Chairmen: Messrs. Dr. DWELSHAUVERS, in Liège. GODCHAUX, engineer, in Brussels.
She got 158 Awards, including 7 major awards, 8 honorary diplomas and 27 gold medals.

The Serbia joined officially the first has the Liége exhibition. It moved as Montenegro, under the large fairways of la Boverie Park. I don't know if all Serbian monasteries are identical to the Pavilion which encloses the exposure of the Serbia or if they simply have an air of kinship with it. Perhaps were we delegated the most consummate and the most gracious type for the sole purpose of inspire us to regret to have not been able to desert the battle of life and hide
in the calm and the sweetness of the cloister for sinking these days woven silk and gold
which tells us the ancient wisdom.

The Serbian pavilion is the facsimile of a monastery of the country. It has character and character with its walls white, styled with a square Tower, Star eyes-de-boeuf, indented by windows, capuchonnes of red tiles and its colonnade of marble forming storefront, under which two Serb soldiers add to the illusion.

"Taste Food, Feel Life", with pavilion of Serbia

Theme "Taste Food, Feel Life"
The Concept

A harmonious blend of flavors, food and memories of antiquity, tradition and modernity: this is the atmosphere reflected in Serbia’s participation at Expo Milano 2015.

With its 250 square meters of exhibition space within the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster, Serbia seeks to stimulate dialogue among visitors about the problems that still exist in the field of nutrition. This aims to reveal, on the one hand, its cultural identity, its history and its traditions; and on the other, the possibilities posed by the combination of the territory’s rich natural resources and technological innovation in agriculture, promoting a better quality of life and food.

Serbia’s cultural, social and gastronomic identity was and is today influenced by its historical and geographical proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea, so its decision to participate in the Cluster dedicated to this region is not by chance.

Within its exhibition space, Serbia develops three "thematic paths" that run through the country's history and the evolution of its cuisine: Wheat and Water – Food of Neolithic to Modern Man, an exploration of the origins of modern Serbian cuisine, mirroring the spirit of its people; Organic Serbia – Food that is Organic and Healthy, as Energy for the Future, or in other words, a rediscovery of traditional recipes using local ingredients, grown in a natural way, such as raspberries; Fusion Cuisine from Serbia – Food as a Tourist Attraction, because if it is true that to learn about the life, culture and traditions of a country you have to taste its food, this applies even more so in Serbia, where its cuisine results from centuries of exchange between different cultures and civilizations.

jeudi 27 novembre 2014

A Facebook page, now, for pavilion of Serbia... welcome !

Welcome to this young facebook page... now, we are very interested to learn more about the pavilion of Serbia, theme and architecture...

Taste Food. Feel Life.


History - Bahraïn pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai


The Bahrain Pavilion was located in Zone A of the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, in the Joint Asian Pavilion n2.

The facade of the Pavilion is fairly standard and is formed by a mix of modernism and traditional.

The internal structure of the Pavilion is inspired by the curves of an oyster shell, such a fluid pathway that will guide the visitor on a trip full of discoveries.

Culture and history to the contemporary development, how the country looks to the future? Soft colors and interesting presentations show the charm of the Bahrain under specific aspects.

Pavilion of the European Union... the LOGO

A logo which appears to be a no-brainer... it will be easily recognizable !

A theme for pavilion of Qatar...

Theme "Seeding Sustainability Innovative Solutions for Food Sustainability"

The Concept

Qatar is a desert country, made up of long stretches of sand and dunes, whose inhabitants have always sought creative ways to address the challenges of a lack of food and water. For its water supply, the country has invested in the desalination of sea water, while its food supply has relied almost exclusively on imports.

At Expo Milano 2015 Qatar wants to show its commitment to safe, healthy and convenient food.
From its greenhouses to the table, from scientific laboratories to sport, the country is committed to seeding sustainability, or to achieve a healthy, safe and convenient, through solutions that are socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. Qatar is committed to building a culture of "healthy living" through the promotion of sports and scientific research for the responsible management of water and precious resources of its land.

The Qatar Pavilion showcases the latest technologies in a holistic, interactive and informative experience: it creates an oasis of innovation, invention, energy, industry and green technologies.

mercredi 26 novembre 2014

Monaco pavilion... is growing !!!!

Pavillon Monaco at Expo 2015 Milano is working for you...

Step by step, Container by Container... Exclusivity !

Pavilion of the European Union...

Growing Europe’s Future Together for a Better World


The title chosen by the European Union for its participation in Expo Milano 2015 aims to create an emotional connection between visitors and the Exhibition theme, demonstrating its commitment to building a Europe and a world that is ever more sustainable.

 The European Union will explain how feeding the planet means so much more than just taking care of food. It means implementing a well functioning internal market and a multilateral trade system, and it means setting standards for food sanitation and promoting efficient logistics.

The European Union features in the various Thematic Routes planned for Expo Milano 2015. In the story of the history of mankind for example, one discovers grain, as an example of how food can unite people of different cultures. It is the same with the paradox between food abundance and scarcity – another Expo Milano 2015 theme that the EU considers as one of its objectives, just like eliminating hunger through its participation in development programs, while at the same time addressing the increasing obesity among its citizens. And there is the central role of research, looking for new and more sustainable ways to feed the world's population – which is rising steadily – with food that is safe and European.

In addition to embracing all the themes, the European Union, with its own dedicated Thematic Route, will involve the pavilions of all the member states, encouraging visitors to collect in each of these a different object, such as a seed or a token, that together form a personal collection that can then be assembled in the pavilion of the European Union.

Source : http://www.expo2015.org/en/

EU Expo 2015 Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/EUExpo2015

National Pavilion of The Kingdom of Bahrain...

National Pavilion of The Kingdom of Bahrain, first prize invited competition, under construction, with landscape architect Anouk Vogel, Milano (IT), 2014 - ongoing, opening May 2015

by Studio Anne Holtrop

Anne Holtrop (born 1977, The Netherlands) is an independent architect based in Amsterdam. His work ranges from models to temporary spaces and buildings, on which he occasionally collaborates with the artists Krijn de Koning and Bas Princen. He is course director of the master Studio for Immediate Spaces at the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam, and was editor of OASE, an architectural journal for architecture from 2005 till 2013. For his practice he has has been awarded several grants from the Fonds BKVB, as well as receiving the Charlotte Köhler Prize  for Architecture from the Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation. 

Let's discover Serbia... while starting with the Logo !

Serbia graphic ! A vey nice logo for pavilion of Serbia at Expo 2015 Milan.

We can say it's a really dynamic and pleasant logo. The font used can do think to the one of Disney, perhaps a nod to the mascots of Expo 2015 Milan, created by Disney!

mardi 25 novembre 2014

Albania ready for Expo 2015 Milano !

Albania gets ready for Expo Milano 2015, presenting its participation within the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster

 This morning, in Tirana, a workshop entitled "Albania gets ready for Expo Milano 2015 " was held, marking Albania’s participation at the Universal Exposition within the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster. As part of Bunk'art, the event was opened with a greeting by the Ambassador of Italy, Massimo Gaiani, and was attended by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Edmond Panariti; the Deputy Minister of Economics, Brunilda Paskali; the Commissioner General of Albania for Expo Milano 2015, Manjola Gjoni; the Project Director of the Expo 2015 Clusters, Filippo Ciantia; and the Head of Bio-Mediterranean Cluster for the Sicily Region, Dario Cartabellotta. The audience attending the workshop was able to see a series of installations that anticipated the theme statement of Albania entitled "Our food, our history, our mystery ..." .

Food and hospitality in the Albanian tradition

Albania offers visitors the opportunity to know and experience its natural beauty and its cuisine: the result of Mediterranean, European and Balkan influences, but also the creativity of its regions, its history and its typical products. Traditional and folklore, in the sign of friendliness and hospitality that has always characterized the Albanian people. "We aim to uphold our food traditions that are deeply connected to our history. - Said the Commissioner General of Albania for Expo Milano 2015, Manjola Gjoni, - Ours is a country that has for centuries been a crossroads of cultures, both western and eastern, and for this reason we enjoy a variety of foods which have united Albanians, Muslims, Orthodox and Catholics alike all around at the same table. This example of religious coexistence is a value that we wish to promote at Expo Milano 2015".

Albania in the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster

"The Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster will be a shared space, a typical village whose many contributions will bring it to life during the six months of Expo Milano 2015, managed together with all countries that are part of it. - Explained Filippo Ciantia, - The Cluster is not based simply on a geographical aggregation but on the idea of the meeting of peoples, cultures and religions that have given life to a diet and a way of life, known throughout the world: the Mediterranean diet. "The common denominator of three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia, the Mediterranean Sea is a symbol of fusion, intersections and diversity. Food is just one of the elements that continually help to secure and spread the uniqueness of this area of the world, thanks to products like bread, oil, grapes. In the Cluster exhibition space, visitors can find these products and in the semi-covered central square, inspired by the typical squares of Mediterranean cities, can see cooking shows and food preparation.

Source : http://www.expo2015.org/

What about the Bahrain pavilion ?

Theme "Pearl of the Two Seas, a Feast of Tradition"

The Concept

Water is a key element of Bahrain’s unique interpretation of the theme of Expo Milano 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Bahrain will show an array of programs and projects which take advantage of natural water resources, such as artesian wells, constantly replenished by water currents from the sea. Bahrain literally means, “Belonging to the Sea.”

Its traditional know-how of engineering structures also comes from its knowledge of seawater. For example, the underground hydric canals (ganat) and the island’s current economy based on activities such as fishing, the cultivation of pearls and desalinization, using ultra-modern technologies. Expo Milano 2015 is a showcase for the resources of this relatively small, but rich country, as an efficient exporter of food inland, both by water and by air.

lundi 24 novembre 2014

Expo Milano 2015: Belvedere in città 24/11/2014 #10 !!!

Dal Decumano a Palazzo Italia. Il cantiere Expo Milano 2015 via drone. Per maggiori informazioni sulle singole aree di cantiere, viabilità, sostenibilità e sicurezza www.expocantiere.expo2015.org

mercredi 19 novembre 2014

Malaysia pavilion... W.I.P... !

Each week, it's always the same pleasure to watch the state of construction for the Pavilion of Malaysia.
Always the very beautiful structure in wood !!

Completion of the Glulam construction in Seed 4.

The formation of the first seed in the Malaysia Pavilion!
Stay tuned to check out more on the construction progress.

Pic courtesy Malaysia Pavilion -> https://www.facebook.com/MalaysiaPavilion

mardi 18 novembre 2014

Expo Milano 2015: Belvedere in città 17/11/2014 #9 !!!

Dal Decumano a Palazzo Italia. Il cantiere Expo Milano 2015 via drone. Per maggiori informazioni sulle singole aree di cantiere, viabilità, sostenibilità e sicurezza www.expocantiere.expo2015.org

Colombia... at Expo 2015 Milano

Theme "Naturally Sustainable"


In line with the theme of Expo 2015, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, Colombia aims to demonstrate that it is possible to assure sustainable food that is nourishing and sufficient for all.

Due to its geographical position and vast range of natural resources, Colombia is proof that it is possible to achieve a balance between mankind and nature.

Colombia, unlike most countries, is not subject to the changing seasons, given its proximity to the equator. Changes in climate have only one variable: altitude.  Within the Colombian territory you can go from 0 to over 5000 meters above sea level and cross all five "thermal floors" of the world (pisos termicos de Colombia).

Colombia brings together all the climates of the world, with different species of animals and plants on each thermal floor. For this reason, there exist all kinds of crops in Colombia that grow throughout the year. As a source of food, water and oxygen, they offer a clear example of how hunger in the world can be overcome naturally, fighting the three major global threats of hunger, poverty and climate change.

History... remember Colombia pavilion during Expo 2010 Shanghai

 The outside wall of the Pavilion, great tower with different Butterfly decorations is revetted tropical style.

Areas of exposure of 'the region of the Pacific ocean', 'the region of the Caribbean', 'the region of Antis', 'the region of the Orinoco River', "the Amazon region" present by multimedia videos, touch screens, modules..., and customs, natural resources and urban development in Colombia in the past, the present and the future.

- The region of the Pacific ocean exposes modules from the sea, typical containers etc. Sound like waves effect brings you in the region of the Pacific ocean,

- The region of the Caribbean presents the beautiful Caribbean beach with white sands and the model of the great castles to the edges of the sea.

- The region of Antis presents the development of major cities and the coffee-growing region.

- Thatched houses in "the Amazon region" do you visit particular forest landscape of the Amazon.