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History - San Marino at the Expo 1889 Paris

Photo. Gaston Luck,1889.

One of the distinguishing features of the exhibition is the part that is taken by small states. There are 11 whose visible effort is truly touching. The Republic of San Marino is in this category. This small aristocratic republic, (she is keen to see title), is absolutely independent; it lies in the center of Italy, on the slopes of the Apennines between Bologna and Ancona. The capital, San Marino, is certainly the highest capital of Europe: it is at 738 meters. This tiny republic is the rest very happy; it has no public debt, and there is not a single illiterate in the whole extent of its territory. These are the results, it's good to see.

Here at last fifteen centuries the small republic hasn't annexed any territory, and, most curious thing, that she has avoided to be annexed itself.

And thanks to the wisdom of the San Marino people that the monumental facade can be admired at the Universal Exhibition of the section of the Republic of San Marino that faces the Avenue de Suffren. This facade consists of a Renaissance door, framed tiles and bearing the arms of the Republic of San Marino, given here as a curiosity, as they are probably unfamiliar: azure three mounts supporting three silver towers crowned with plumes. To right and left of the door, are two remarkable windows of the master glassmaker Ch. Champigneulle. These windows will after the Expo, transported in San Marino, where they used to decorate the new palace that the Government build. Inside the section is quite original because the organizers were able to give it the appearance of a living room. They had the excellent idea to reach the walls of ancient tapestries which one, representing the triumph of Belisarius, is a really remarkable preservation.

Some trophies of old weapons are also great and mosaics of the third century. One of the curiosities of the section is a relief reproduction of the city of San Marino and its surroundings. This reproduction can truly be compared with plans that are similar to Louvre the ornament of the Naval Museum. At the back of the room, a beautiful carved fireplace. The sculpture is, however, the domestic industry of San Marino people. There are whole families where one is sculptor from father to son for fifteen hundred years. Then come the products of the soil: lots of iris roots, for it is on Mount Titan is collected most of the roots are used to flavor our stylish lingerie.

In summary, the Republic of San Marino, which, in 1878, for the first time took part in an expo and obtained, on his debut, a respectable number of awards, has since then significantly increased its trade relations; we are pleased to see, for it's good to remember that the government of the Republic of San Marino was one of the first who has promised to the French government to take a formal part in the Expo.
(Source : Guide Bleu du Figaro, 1889)

Bahrain Pavilion 2015... near to be ready !

Welcome at the Bahrain pavilion... the grid will be definitively open tomorrow ! Best of luck !!

Entrance of Bahrain pavilion, from inside... ready for tomorrow...

The pavilion's rooftop view...

Our citrus trees are in full bloom...

Archeologies of Green...

Bahrain Pavilion's cafe chairs by Muller van Severen...
Pic Courtesy Bahrain Pavilion

Belgian pavilion... ready for tomorrow !

There are only a few strokes of brush to give, and the pavilion will welcome tomorrow the first visitors of Expo 2015 Milano... best wishes Belgium !

Pics courtesy Belgian pavilion.

Vanke pavilion... the Dragon is really ready ! Fire !!!!

This pavilion will be certainly one of the most incredible of the Expo 2015 Milano...

A dragon under the sun of Milano !!

...the “Shitang”, designed by Architect Daniel Libeskind For Expo 2015 in Milano.

A Venue to Foster Joy and Harmony for the Chinese


The Chinese giant and leader in real estate, with its participation in Expo Milano 2015 aims to offer the world a showpiece of contemporary life in China, from the perspective of ordinary people, through the experience and spirit of the Shitang. In its pavilion of 959 square meters are recreated the atmospheres linked to the Shitang which, much more than a simple canteen, represents a traditional social structure, present since ancient times, and which still exists in contemporary Chinese society in various forms. It is a convivial space where they can find inexpensive food and a peaceful, healthy environment.

The participation of the construction company Vanke is one of the three faces of China’s presence at Expo Milano 2015 which is divided into three different pavilions that are separate but interconnected with each another: the China Pavilion, the China Corporate United Pavilion, and the Vanke Pavilion.

The Pavilion Architecture
The pavilion, located near the Lake Arena, was designed by architect Daniel Libeskind of New York and by Libeskind Architettura in Milan, which conceived it as an extension of the surrounding landscape. The musicality of its proportions, its sinuous geometry and the fluid movement between the inner and outer volume, create a journey through space and time.

The exhibition is organized on two independent routes, from the inside towards the outside, and with a garden that is found on the roof. Visitors are immersed in a forest of poles, with screens which project scenes of lunches, joy, and sharing. The installation, based on the metaphor of roots, trunks and branches symbolizes Vanke’s commitment to the community, which lives among the mutual relationships of people, values and traditions.

Website of Montenegro pavilion...

Theme "Healthy with Every Bite!"
The Website...

San Marino "APP" !

The San Marino pavilion APP is available now and can be downloaded free from the Apple Store and Google Play, optimized for both smartphones for both tablet versions of the operating systems most widely used.

Once installed, it automatically updates for the duration of EXPO with the latest news and upcoming events.

The "Pavillon France" is ready for visitors ...

Tomorrow, visitors of Expo 2015 Milano will have the chance to discover the beautiful French pavilion !

Part of the team of FranceExpo2015 Pavilion with the manufacturer, Dominique SIMONIN and the landscape of the garden pavilion, Thierry LAVERNE during the finishing touches on the Pavilion last week :

Meeting between Dominique SIMONIN, the manufacturer of the Pavilion and the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Stéphane Le Foll when handed the pavilion's keys Friday, May 24 :

Pics courtesy Pavillon France

Sénégal Expo Milano 2015... Facebook !

Let's discover the official Facebook page of Senegal pavilion...

mercredi 29 avril 2015

North Korea pavilion at the Expo !

Two weeks ago, the news were the belated participation of North Korea at Expo 2015 Milano.

No more informations... but now, it's sure...
the proof, this pic took yesterday at the Expo :

North Korea pavilion !

History - Montenegro pavilion at Expo 1905 Liege - Belgium

Montenegro pavilion - Expo 1905 Liege - Belgium

Montenegro participated for the first time in this Expo of Liège 1905. Its graceful pavilion, fresh and elegant, near with the one of Serbia, establishing between their architectures kinship as it is between the two governments.

Modest, charming, it appears under the green dome that made him the great trees of the park, a Serbian modernized worls, emblazoned on the bright colorful egret its roof its flag which shall ensure, in his costume Petiatrik, a great soldier.

To decorate inside the pavilion, designed by Mr. Carbonaro, Venetian artist, HRH Prince Danilo, heir to the throne, and President Minister, the Voivode Petrovich, lent a superb collection of oriental weapons worthy of a museum. Rare coins, curious, before which fans fall in love.

To complete the decoration, there were carpets, fabrics, embroidery and costume attesting that these people have a wonderful instinct to mix colors, match, combine, bring out the contrasts, tie the arabesque embroidery bold and delicate.

The "Co-interested Authority of Montenegro tobacco" newly created organization, brought pale golden tobacco that must be almost regret to faint blonde color blue and flavored curls.
And see the nuances of the leaves and the choice of these cigarettes Curvy, we understand smokers Orient who seem to observe the rites of a religion venerated, when engaged detachment and smoker chibouk they occur in long, fragrant spirals such tobacco which their palaces are drunk!

Further, samples of pyrethrum, of lanioc and wool represented the products of the soil.

Then, a few paintings and photographs showing various aspects of this country so characteristic. Finally, a booklet of 100 pages on Montenegro finished to educate the visitor.

And walking out of there in a long time thinking of what patriarchal Montenegro where women are so beautiful and men so fierce, where love of freedom does not feel curbed under a large power, paternal and debonair, where Prince wants to be a citizen like all the proud people of the mountains, with a great home for the palace instead of the cottage of his subjects!

Malaysia pavilion... a few days before the opening...

With the completion of the exteriors, Malaysia pavilion currently working hard to get the interiors ready for the launch !

Montenegro pavilion project...

Theme "Healthy with Every Bite!"

The Concept

A small country with big opportunities. An understanding of its own values​​, of the significance and necessity of self-sufficiency, and a strong desire for change, have all led to important and rapid progress in Montenegro’s agricultural development. The theme of Expo Milano 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life perfectly frames a cultural model and the efforts of Montenegro as it promotes its traditions, whilst responding to new economic and scientific influences.

As proof of its focused attention on the respect and protection of the environment, on September 20, 1991, Montenegro’s parliament endorsed the "Declaration on the Ecological State of Montenegro", making it the first country in the world to make a declaration of this kind.

Its geographical location and climatic variety foster rich agricultural production, with an organic sector that offers many products of superior quality. Tourism is also crucial and has a special role in the Exposition.

With an exhibition space of 250 square meters in the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster, Montenegro presents typical food and drink, interactive tools and galleries, and promotes its identity and image as a growing country, and a popular tourist destination within in the Balkans.

Source :


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Buy, visit, discover, get around. From practical information, suggestions on entertainment, points of interest, to visitor services, getting around, as well as updates on the various tourist offerings: all your questions will be answered in 140 characters thanks to @AskExpo, the "Social info point" brought to you thanks to a collaboration between Twitter Italia and Expo Milano 2015.

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Hungary pavilion... by Eletkert

Few days before the opening... the hungarian pavilion almost finished...
...the lats pics...

 Pic courtesy Életkert Pavilon

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