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Website of Malta Pavilion...

The Malta Pavilion (B1.10) at Expo Milano 2015 forms part of the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster, which is located next to the Lake Arena and just off the Italian Pavilion.

Inspired by a bee hive and the production of honey, the exhibition area of the Malta Pavilion is structured like a large dome where visitors will be able to experience Malta through diverse audio visual elements.

The design was created by Allestimenti e Pubblicita Spa.

More details on the Malta pavilion Website :

mardi 19 mai 2015

LeMog 3D - World Expo Consultant - The Homepage !!!

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Pavilion of Mexico... Concept and Architecture

Theme "Mexico, the Seed for the New World: Food, Diversity and Heritage"

The Concept

Mexico is home to a wide variety of plants, animals and ecosystems: a true cradle of biodiversity. This wealth is tied closely to an ancient culture and to one of the most diverse, sophisticated, and assorted gastronomies of the world, so much so that in 2010 Mexican cuisine was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Its history is made up of flavors, a cultural model that harmonizes and combines agricultural activities, rituals, traditional practices, wisdom, techniques and culinary habits, unique tools - such as the metate or the molcajete - and communal activities.

In joining Expo Milano 2015, Mexico seeks to show visitors the wealth of its natural resources and biodiversity, and its commitment to finding solutions for a world free from hunger, malnutrition and unsustainable food production practices. It also seeks to present its contribution to the global production of a large number of foods with healing properties.

Pavilion Architecture

Since its first participation in a Universal Exhibition (Philadelphia in 1876), Mexico has always delivered an impressive pavilion that captures the imagination. The fundamental theme of Expo Milano 2015 is sustainability, being as much a driving principle for feeding the world's population, as a criteria for architectural design, in terms of eco-friendly materials, ease of construction and dismantling, and fulfilling proposed programs.The architect Francisco López Guerra Almada, together with Jorge Vallejo and consulting biologist Juan Guzzy, designed the winning proposal of the international competition based on the most typical Mexican food: corn.

Indeed, its large external structure, inspired by the shape of a big corn cob, covers the 1,910 square-meter pavilion, set in a prime location at the intersection of the two main avenues. The interior offers an all-encompassing exhibition of typical produce, edged by a stream of water that gives life to the gardens and takes visitors along spiral ramps, to explore the gastronomic, ecological and cultural riches of Mexico.

Kenya at Expo 2015 Milano... Facebook page

Kenya pavilion is on Facebook !!!

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jeudi 14 mai 2015

Malta pavilion... The Logo !!

A logo... very inspired...

Malta is an island of flavours and traditions spanning thousands of years. It offers a colourful culinary diversity capturing the essence of cultures and civilizations from the three continents bordering the Mediterranean. In fact, its traditions and foods are influenced by the many people who had made Malta their home since the dawn of time.

It is said that the Greeks had called the island Melite, which originated from the Greek world meli, which means honey. This name was also used by the Romans and then, during the ninth century, transformed into Malta by the Arab conquerors.

The idea behind the beehive of the exhibition area was influenced by this story. Furthermore, the bee hive is not only used for the storage of food, but it is also a secure and safe haven for the bees that live in a community, synonymous with the everyday life in Malta - A place to call home.

The Maltese Islands boast an endemic species of productive bees. Each month these bees get their nectar from a different flower eventually producing a kind of honey with a distinct taste, changing by the season, very much like the delicacies of the island, drawn from its land and its sea. Spring festivities, summer village feasts, and winter nights showcase the stimulating traditional and varied character of the Maltese and their kitchen, full of feeling, colour and well-being which are typical of a Mediterranean Island.

Because of its unique composition and chemical properties, honey and objects immersed in honey have been preserved for decades and even centuries. This representation brings to mind the preservation of Maltese culture, traditions and cuisine. However, time has not stopped on Malta. Today, it is a modern nation with a remarkable inheritance and offers a contemporary lifestyle based on strong traditions and a thriving economy.

All these characteristics are embodied in the theme statement: Derived from the Past, Preserved for the Future, Experienced at Expo Milano 2015.

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Instagram... Kazakhstan pavilion...

Instagram official account for pavilion of Kazakhstan...
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Mexico pavilion... the Logo !

The "X"... logical logo for Mexico pavilion... Nice !

Logo of Ecuador pavilion... full of life, full of colours...

"Journey to the Center of Life"... with Ecuador pavilion...

For the first time, Ecuador participates with its own pavilion at a Universal Exposition, with the commitment and responsibility to show the world the essence of the people of Ecuador, the value of its natural and human resources and its cultural and environmental heritage.

More about Ecuador pavilion :