jeudi 30 juillet 2015

Facebook Page for Kazakhstan pavilion

You want to learn more about pavilion of Kazakhstan... leur more about the country Kazakhstan...
and of course to learn more about the next great event... the Expo 2017 Astana...

Go to the Kazakhstan pavilion Facebook page, to follow everything !

mardi 28 juillet 2015

Facebook page of Greece pavilion... welcome ;-)

To learn more, follow... and discover Greece pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano :

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Pavilion of Greece at Expo Milano 2015!
By tradition, nature, and spirit, Greeks open their homes and hearts to visitors. And our dietary habits, considered to be the basis of the Mediterranean diet, are a paragon of healthful eating. That is why we have chosen to welcome visitors to our Pavilion with the message of Greek Food: Sharing the Flavors of Health.
The Greek land, known all over the world for its spectacular beauty, is also home to a rich and varied agricultural output. And centuries of civilization have produced a gastronomic tradition that is based on balance, pleasure and community.
We welcome you to our table, to taste the flavors of a splendid tradition, to learn how our diet is one that is vital and bursting with energy. Our key message is simple: The Greek diet, while one that is healthful, is also one of indulgence. It is a diet of joy, of sharing, of celebration. A diet to enjoy with friends and family. A diet that boosts life.
We encourage you to learn about the Greek countryside, where the sun shines more than 300 days a year, providing energy for plants and trees and clean energy to homes, factories, and offices. Where sea breezes caress mountain herbs and olive groves, and power wind mills the year round.
We also encourage you to learn about our products, enjoyed by more than 22 million visitors last year.
The Greek spirit is alive and well. Let us share with you our love of life.
Let us share with you our table.

Pavilions of Expo 2015 Milano : RUSSIA

We continue our tour of Expo 2015 Milan, with a pavilion whose welcome was especially warm... and even more of excellent, that of Russia.

Already, when you arrive in front, we're immediately amazed by its architecture. While most of the pavilions along the central axis - the decumano - are almost hidden by the structures and fabrics intended give shadows, the Russian pavilion is set back, with a long and beautiful wooden aisle, allowing to have enough perspective to admire its magnificent roof that juts into cantilever above the wooden deck, looking like esplanade, lined greenery and small trees.

In addition, the pavilion is bordered by a driveway on the left, giving even more perspective to appreciate it.

The pavilion is surprising in its design, in fact, it's a fine blend between modernity and tradition ... even a nod to the history of Russia's participations in Expos, with this roof that is reminiscent of the Russian pavilion at Expo '67 in Montreal.
A roof that brings an incredible burst of momentum to a set that seems to want to fly to the sky!
Of course, these are glass and wood that predominate in this architectural achievement.

After admiring this amazing roof, whose lower part is covered with huge mirrors which reflected both the visitors and the wood of the terrace, it's time to push the door of the pavilion, and discover what Russia has to offer to visitors, and more broadly, to humanity ... as the theme of the pavilion is "Growing for the World. Cultivating for the Future". That is all a program which is not surprising, due to the enormous potential of Russia as a major producer in global Agribusiness sector.

In the lobby, it's always the wood, glass and mirrors that prevail ... and a great map of Russia in cereals. Another nod to the past, and the Expo of 1937 in Paris, where was in the Soviet pavilion, a large map of Russia, made with precious stones ... but the wealth of tomorrow, are not the same than yesterday, and the future of the world is in that of its sustenance!

It is these future needs and the leading role of Russia, which are highlighted and presented during the visit of the pavilion. The pavilion takes stock of the agricultural potential of the country reminding all technical advances and research conducted by leading Russian scientists for decades, through multimedia presentations at the forefront of the latest digital technologies, both playful and relevant.

And as we must not ignore the traditions and culture, the visitor also takes a lot of fun to taste the different regional products and Russian cuisine. Inside the pavilion, a bar-laboratory allows testing of original and traditional drinks, made with herbs ... and water from Baikal lake! ... and in the evening: of course vodka !!

A little further, there's a cookbook-like food stand where we can taste Russian specialties... during our visit, we enjoyed the famous Kasha, made of crushed buckwheat, onions, mushrooms and of kvass... so delicious!
Needless to say, these tastings spaces are often full, you must have a little patience.

For those who wish to go further, and test the Russian gastronomy... a rather original restaurant awaits you in the pavilion. In fact, a section of the Trans-Siberian railway wagon welcomes guests who wish to taste the best Russian dishes. This time, it's a reminder of a famous attraction of the 1900 World Expo in Paris, where one could dine in a Trans-Siberian restaurant car, inside the Russian pavilions at the Trocadero. An animated panorama was shown through the windows of the train, simulating during 45 minutes of the meal, a trip from Moscow to Beijing. Certainly a thrilling experience in Paris in 1900, is "almost" possible to revive in Milan in 2015.

Note that the truly unique setting of all the interior spaces of the pavilion, and hospitality of the staff always very friendly ... it really seems that it's Russia that received us... to make this initiation journey in the heart of Russia, unforgettable!

We can't visit the pavilion without addressing its particular roof, our gracious hostesse then invites us to discover this entirely green roof, which is a must marvels of this Milanese expo... from which you can admire all the Expo.
A bar also allows you to refresh, while enjoying the breathtaking view.

The pavilion of Russia is certainly one of the best of the Expo... not to be missed!

Russian pavilion :

Links Pavilion of Russia : Website - Facebook - Twitter

jeudi 23 juillet 2015

Tina Alloncle - LIVE PERFORMANCE - 1st and 2nd of august... Corriere della Sera pavilion !

You remember Tina Alloncle, the artist who made the fabulous model of Pavillon Monaco, and her incredible video in stop motion about the construction of it !!!

She will be at Corriere della Sera pavilion, 1st and 2nd of august for a Living drawing Performance...
Saturday 1st & sunday 2nd of august 2015 - 16h30

----- Ton silence n'est pas d'or ------

Come many to attend the performance of this great artist !!

Casa Corriere + PAVILLON MONACO + il Rivellino

mercredi 22 juillet 2015

Come to discover Vanuatu pavilion... Facebook page

Go Organic for Better Life - Vanuatu

Vanuatu pavilion Facebook page

Vanuatu’s participation at Expo Milano 2015 will be a celebration of its profound and acclaimed happiness – selected twice as the “Happiest People on Earth” (Happy Planet Index in 2006 and Lonely Planet in 2010) – and its carbon-free, simple lifestyle. Its beautiful Y-shaped tropical archipelago of over 80 islands, 65 of which are inhabited, is set in the great South Pacific Ocean...

Vanuatu pavilion... Go Organic for Better Life

Vanuatu pavilion -> Cluster Spices

Vanuatu’s participation at Expo Milano 2015 will be a celebration of its profound and acclaimed happiness – selected twice as the “Happiest People on Earth” (Happy Planet Index in 2006 and Lonely Planet in 2010) – and its carbon-free, simple lifestyle. Its beautiful Y-shaped tropical archipelago of over 80 islands, 65 of which are inhabited, is set in the great South Pacific Ocean.
Its extreme vulnerability sets it on the leading edge of climate change and the Vanuatu islands are strongly committed to maintaining their traditional way of life (e.g. harvesting during the right seasons). Extraordinary cultural festivals, such as the breathtaking land diving, accompany the natural seasonal cycles.

At Expo Milano 2015, the Vanuatu Pavilion tells the story of its origins. Archaeological evidence indicates that, by 1300 b.c., islands in northern Vanuatu had been settled by people of the Lapita culture from Melanesian islands to the west. Since then, there have been successive waves of migrants, including people of Polynesian origin on the southern islands of Aniwa and Futuna. According to legend, life on the island began with the marriage of two plants – the Kava and the Coconut Tree – the kava is used for many important ceremonies and the coconut tree represents the ‘tree of life’.

Participating in the Spices Cluster, Vanuatu aims to show how the island embraces people, history and cultures and educates and communicates with citizens on the needs, issues and development of the different sectors that build the country’s economy. These include agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism, technology and the manufacturing industry and contribute to support the Theme of Expo Milano 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. It will also illustrate how ‘Organic for Better Life’ is lived on a daily basis among its people. Its story will unfold throughout the Pavilion through experiences that will describe Vanuatu’s vision of productive sectors that can increase food security and can create an enabling environment for investment and tourism opportunities that can further strengthen the economy.
For this reason Vanuatu continues to encourage its people to maintain a healthy and happy living environment in Vanuatu and sees the World Expo Theme; ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ as supporting its way of life.

Source :

mardi 21 juillet 2015

Pavilions of Expo 2015 Milano : BELGIUM

Today is the National Day in Belgium, let's celebrate the Belgian Pavilion at the Expo 2015 Milan... and make a short visit.

Before to start, I would like clarify that I was completely conquered by this Pavilion, as nice as the Belgian themselves, with all the positive aspects that it involves... a visit full of charm and friendliness!

Externally, the architecture (Patrick Génard and associates), invites us to discover this pavilion... an entry, such a Belgian farm, invites us to push the door, wood is everywhere, sign of tradition but above all of sustainabilty... and glass, where each plate contains solar panels, and a wind turbine placed outdoors, providing almost electrical autonomy at the Pavilion!
Let's go...

We are immediately greeted by members of the team of the Pavilion, nice and smiling... they invite us to discover this Pavilion, they really seem to be proud of it. Quite rightly, as we can see it.
The three regions of the Belgium are represented: Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels.

Before descending into the bowels of the Pavilion, we do the tour of this kind of halle, or rather farm, to learn a little more about food, and the themes put forward by the Belgium Pavilion: agriculture, gastronomy, food security, science, etc... and a passage by the workshop of chocolate, topped with a huge pod of cocoa, which does not fail to interest all greedy.

Let us not forget to mention this historical wink, a model of the Atomium of Expo'58 in Brussels, history recall that the Belgium always participated in the Universal Expositions, and host many of famous ones, including the latest, in 1958, with its also known symbol than the Eiffel Tower.

This quick informative tour finished, we find ourselves before this dark ramp that descends under the pavilion... clearly, the Pavilion offers us to discover what will be the food of tomorrow, how the growing, as well as new food... This is the "cave" of the Pavilion, which offers many innovations.

We are immediately attracted by big 'machines'... in the lower part, a kind of aquarium, filled of Tilapia fishes, topped with a rotating drum which rotates very slowly, planted basil, and enlightened by led "solar"... it's the aquapony, a plant cultivation in perfect symbiosis with fish farming, where plantations are naturally fertilized by their droppings.

Hydroponics is also shown, in particular with culture of aromatic herbs on long rails, to optimize planting surfaces. Note that the entire production of this "cave" is used in the pavilion restaurant ... 100% Bio!

Many other alternative nutritions are proposed here, like ancient wild plants, the consumption of protein-rich insects, or innovative products such as Permafungi project, which, with a kit, to produce its own mushrooms, with a fertilizer made from coffee grounds. There's really something for everyone at this great pavilion of Belgium.

Then, a circular staircase invites us to go upstairs ... and we can find the third part of the pavilion, and festive and joyful Belgium. The shop, of course, propose the famous Belgian chocolates - how can you resist? - And the cozy brasserie with its rich sample of Belgian beers, all tastier than each other!

After strolling and enjoyed in this very welcoming space, we come out of the pavilion, whose exterior is just as friendly. A sort of esplanade made of wooden bleachers, allows you to relax and to eat ... Belgian specialties, beer, waffles and fries, among others... This area also hosts events and shows organized by the pavilion.

In summary, the pavilion of Belgium is one of the essential places of Expo ... again, Belgium makes figure of "good student" of the Expos, offering a magnificent pavilion, fun, and environmentally responsible. It respects both the theme and plays the game by offering solutions for the future ... a big applause to the pavilion of Belgium for offering us such a nice showcase, and thank you for the lovely welcome!

Belgian pavilion on this blog :

Belgium pavilion Links :  Website - Facebook - Twitter

vendredi 17 juillet 2015

Pavilions of Expo 2015 Milano : MONACO


Barely back from the Expo 2015 Milan, it's time to make a small point about these pavilions whose we could follow the construction, and the first weeks of life in the heart of this major event of 2015.

Before establishing a ranking from many selection criteria, we will still start the visit to the site, with the first pavilion in welcoming me, that of the Principality of Monaco.

This is not a stranger to us, far from it, since on the blog dedicated to Expo 2015 Milan, he has already the subject of numerous articles, from its conception until the beginnings of the Expo, through the various stages of construction.

The tour starts of course externally. Each nation that has its own pavilion tries each time to compete for boldness and innovation, in order to present a pavilion that will be appreciated by all. It's not always easy, we have all different tastes.
Monaco chose to be clever, modern, eco-friendly and supportive. The use of containers is the evidence clearly visible, associated with a beautiful wooden frame, covered with a green roof, bringing its share of greenery at the Expo. This Pavilion is the work of Italian architect Enrico Pollini.

The exhibition of the Principality of Monaco has already thought about the reuse of the Pavilion, which will be after the Expo, reassembled in Burkina Faso as part of an help project of the Red Cross. One can only applaud, as the pavilion of Monaco is one of the few to truly thinking about tomorrow, a great humanitarian project. Bravo Monaco!
This particular point gives a particular value to the participation of Principality in Milano. The pavilion of Monaco is certainly not the greatest, but at least it defends a real great project to help those in need.

Now we go inside the Pavilion. Already, a special mention for the welcom... the staff is present to greet us, and advise us of all possible councils... smiling and attentive!

The theme of the Pavilion is "Excellence and Solidarity – A New Look at Feeding the Planet", what doesn't surprise us, considering the involvement of Monaco in solidarity and sharing, and different cooperation missions in which the Principality was involved.

Scenography is as clear as it is original, in the spirit of the building, in the form of clearly defined spaces, addressing a thematic special, put in scene in the boxes wood of different sizes, recalling the crates, of food or other, a sort of shed to ideas!
Implemented by the german firm Fact and Fiction, subjects covered are particularly sharp and sensitive, but playful and easy access, as well as for adults than for children, who can learn by having fun.

I regret not having had the time to enjoy the restaurant "Le Bistrot", for which, it has but praise to say... well, maybe during our next visit to the Expo!

vendredi 10 juillet 2015

Social Network LINKS Expo 2015 Milano - Participations - 147 countries

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Belarus pavilion... the WebSite !!!

Full of very interesting informations, let's discover the website dedicated to the Belarus pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano... 

jeudi 9 juillet 2015

Palestine pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano... Facebook page

Fantastic video of Slovakia pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano must visit this pavilion !!!

History - Japan pavilion at Expo 1900 Paris

The Japan Pavilion is not in the official pavilions of the Nations Street on the banks of the Seine, but occupies in the bottom of the gardens of left, down the slopes of the Trocadero, an important space where several pavilions are a real small Japanese city.

The main construction is an interesting re-enactment of the famous Pagoda of Kondo to Nora, whose architecture dates back to the seventh century of our era.

Built in wood, two floors, roofing hiked up at the corners, balconies with a red dragon's protruding on the Yellow Gold wall with Lotus flowers in his basement, and flying birds in the middle and crowned in its upper part by a frieze with cloudy female profiles, this pavilion evokes a delicious vision of Pierre Loti.

It is the imperial Museum with rare pieces of Japanese art.

A bazaar and a series of small pavilions, among which runs a stream, range around. The greenhouse and garden together most magnificent specimens of exotic horticulture and reveal processes of gardening and artificial culture of the highest interest.

Tea and Sake rice wine each have their pavilion, where eager tasters.

Sri Lanka pavilion... logo of the pavilion...

Simple and colored...

Sri Lanka Facebook Page


 Pic courtesy Sri Lanka Pavilion

Follow Belarus pavilion on Facebook !

Concept of the Belarus Pavilion
National exposition of the Republic of Belarus at Expo Milano 2015 is placed in its own pavilion, erected on a 1147 square kilometers section and reflects the main achievements of our country in the field of cultivation, processing and consumption of food... Read more

lundi 6 juillet 2015

Expo 2015 Milano Stamp... now issued !

The Expo Milano 2015 Stamp is Issued: With its Image of “Foody,” it Represents the Excellence of Made in Italy...

 “Among the many events of Expo Milano 2015, we could not skip the stamp.” In this way, Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner for the Government for Expo Milano 2015, greeted the official issue of the Expo Milano 2015 stamp. Participating in the press conference were Roberto Maroni, President of the Lombardy Region; Domenico Todini, President of the State Printing Institute and Luisa Todini, President of the Italian Postal Service. “The State Printing Institute,” Todini stated, “has always had the job of telling Italy’s story through money and stamps, which are the ancient forms of communication. The Expo Milano 2015 stamp is distinct and unique and fully conveys the spirit of the Universal Exposition.”

The image on the stamp carried a detail of Foody, Expo Milano 2015’s mascot on the right, and the official logo on the left. This small object celebrates the quality of good food and the excellence of Made in Italy.

Read more