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A taste of Switzerland : Giro del Gusto Rome #5

Highlight #Day 5 Giro del Gusto Rome
Final Day at Giro del Gusto in Rome. Workshop for students: Italy and Switzerland ahead of EXPO2015: Learn, develop, disseminate, with students and teachers from both countries. Meeting and discussion with "Cuisine sans frontières". Officials greetings and Eliana Bürki's concert in the garden of the splendid Villa Maraini.

A taste of Switzerland : Giro del Gusto Rome #4

Highlight #Day 4 Giro del Gusto Rome
A day focused on food Diplomacy, made in Switzerland and made in Italy ending with a "Valais" gala Dinner and concerts of the seris "Popular Helvetica Live"

Visit by the Commissionner general to the Malaysia pavilion at the Expo Site... 29 septembre 2014

The Commissioner General of the Malaysia Pavilion, Datuk Dr Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria, visited the site of the Malaysia Pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano.

Datuk Dr Rebecca, who is also the Secretary General of the Ministry International Trade and Industry, Malaysia – was briefed on the current progress of the construction process of the Pavilion.

So far, the construction works are on target and as per the Work Schedule. The Commissioner General was also taken on a tour of the worksite and was briefed in detailed on the next steps and processes of the construction works.

The Commissioner General and the MITI delegates will also be making a trip to Bergamo to inspect on the progress of the glulam fabrication and test installation works tomorrow.

The construction of the Hungarian “Garden of Life” Pavilion commences !

The construction of the “Garden of Life” Pavilion commences – the contract of the excavation and foundation works for the Hungarian pavilion of Expo Milano 2015 has been signed.

On 17 September 2014 in Milan, Hungarian Commissioner for the Expo Géza Szőcs, along with Zoltán Fórizs, Managing Director of Carpathia Ltd, the company in charge of implementation of the pavilion, as well as Cristian Vitali, CEO of the winning Vitali S.p.A signed the excavation and foundation works contract. The Hungarian pavilion, christened the Garden of Life pavilion will be an intelligent and interactive building, welcoming visitors with a host of Hungarian innovations.

At 11:00 on 11 August 2014, Carpathia National Creative Economic Development and Innovation Ltd. launched a public tender for the excavation and foundation works of the Expo Milano 2015 Hungarian Pavilion in accordance with §122A of the Public Tenders Act.

The winner of the tender, the Italian owned Vitali Group is Italy’s leading construction company, with decades of experience in other European countries as well.

The first step of the construction will commence on EXPO Plot S28 after the signing of the contract,
with a predicted completion of early October 2014.

The protection of the natural surroundings already receives special attention during the foundation
works, with the excavated earth being deposited in Milan until autumn 2015, when, during the
compulsory restoration of the plot, the same earth will be placed back once the pavilion is transported to Hungary.

Hungary places special emphasis on the environmentally friendly construction of the pavilion: most of the materials used in its construction will be reused in Szombathely, and any waste generated during the 2015 deconstruction will be recycled in the construction industry.

Some news from Chile pavilion...

Chancellor Heraldo Munoz confirms the presidential visit of Michelle Bachelet at Expo 2015 Milano !

The Foreign Minister, Heraldo Muñoz, announced that President Michelle Bachelet visiting Italy, after the invitation of that country's Premier, Matteo Renzi, the governor underwent bilateral meeting both held in the framework of its tour to New York to attend the UN General Assembly.
In this regard, the Chancellor explained that the quote "we discussed bilateral relations and particularly on the intention of the Italian Prime Minister to visit Chile before the Expo Milan".
"Chile has a large pavilion at the Expo Milan opens the first of May next year and the President will go to Italy, was invited by the Prime Minister to be in the flag of our country, which is food security," explained .

As the desire for Renzi to go to our country, Muñoz said "the premier expressed the desire to have a package of investments and explore Italy in Chile before the visit by way of a mission-Government enterprises are those areas where new Italy would like to invest in Chile, "he said.

Augusto Aninat : "Italy we offer a significant number of opportunities for local production"

From Milan, the commercial director of ProChile in Italy, Augusto Aninat unveiled projections products and local enterprises in a market that is recognized as the most important room in the European Union.
In relation to the opportunities that Italy offers Aninat said "it is not only an important market for transactions in goods but also for services and movements of production factors capital and human resources." At the meeting, the commercial director stressed that opportunities are generated through the Cooperation Agreement between Chile and the EU, which includes commitments in various fields, as well as through "a successful Chilean-Italian community living here whose relationships and ideas must be seized. "
On the role of ProChile office in Milan, the director said, "Our work focuses on relating to Italian and Chilean actors who want to participate in markets, promoting the nexus for domestic producers and potential entrepreneurs in the region" . He noted that "a modest budget, within seven professionals who make up the team in Milan, have made ​​great arrangements and enthusiastically we can ensure that they can achieve very good results."
In turn, Aninat has been instrumental in terms of the organization of meetings between Milan Expo 2015, and the charge of the local proposal, describing her participation as "the most extensive cooperation, establishing a good relationship with the Commissioner General and his team, "pledging to" provide our institutional experience, mainly in the organization of some parallel sessions focusing on Country Image ".
Aninat noted that late next month's annual meeting of the European offices ProChile be held in Paris. There the institutional guidelines for the next four years and supplementary performed during the stay of the Chilean Pavilion at the sample activities are fixed.

Starts lifting structure of Chilean pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano

The executive management of Expo Milan 2015 Chile signed an agreement with the builder Sarappalti Valori, who is in charge of the construction and coordination of facilities for the Chilean flag next international exhibition in Milan. Decision was coordinated through a public tender published in local newspapers, instance threw a pre-classification of 17 European proposals. The decision was taken following an assessment as to offer and experience in large projects.
The whole process was carried out at the offices of ProChile in Milan, through support and coordination of the commercial director of the institution, Aninat Augusto, who has been active in all agreements carried the flag on their premises. In turn, the firm was made in Italy and streaming communication between the organizing delegation in Santiago.

lundi 29 septembre 2014

Excavation works started this morning for Monaco pavilion !

Russia Expo 2015... at Milano... New Website

Unfortunately, for the moment it seems to be only in Russian...
while waiting better !

A taste of Switzerland : Giro del Gusto Rome #3

Highlights #Day 3 Giro del Gusto Roma
From 22 to 26 September 2014, Villa Maraini, the splendid headquarters of the Swiss Institute in Rome (ISR), hosted the second stage of the Giro del Gusto culinary roadshow, focusing on food security and sustainability.

History - Canada at the World Expo Milano 1906

Even if it will be not the case in 2015, the Canada was proudly in Milano for the World Expo in 1906.

The great Canadian pavilion, which opened its doors to the World Expo 1906 in Milan is the affirmation of the powerful energy of a country to the fantastic development through miraculous progress enjoying privileged natural conditions.

Even for those who have followed this rapid change, the rich productions that Canada has in the Exhibition of Milan, are an incredible surprise for visitors, a huge field of study and findings.

The vast area of ​​Canada, which includes much of the American continent north of the United States, almost equal to that of Europe (1906) entire area, and looks like a fairyland in which he there is still much to do.

Canadian Soil, virgin of the human hand and favored by centuries of rest, promotes the production. It's likely to save the use of fertilizers and limit human efforts.

La production du Canada a d'ailleurs dépassé celle de la Russie, et connait une immigration de plus en plus spectaculaire.

Between the last half of 1894 and first half of 1895, more than 146 000 new colonists settled on different banks of Canada, then dispersing in the four confederated provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Almost all of these immigrants came from Britain and its colonies, only a small minority from the United States.

Large expanses of Canada offer hospitality to a large number of new residents. The government offers many grants of land with the full freedom of use. The excellent climate all territories of the country explains the growing influx every year, new foreign farmers, who settled in the promised land.

Anyone wishing to cultivate land in the areas of the west, receives a farm of 160 acres. Very favorable conditions are even granted for the purchase of the best soils in Ontario and Quebec.

Farmers are almost all own the land they cultivate.
Regular trains facilitate trade and transport goods to ports on the Atlantic or Pacific, the two oceans that surround Canada.
The democratic form of government and full freedom of worship enjoyed by people justify the preference of migrants to the Confederation of the North.

The Canada Pavilion contains collections and interesting samples of Canadian production, although it may seem a less rich with its architectural aspect!

It is a mark of American contempt for all that is aesthetic or decorative too ... it has to be useful and practical.

The pavilion, very straight and very schematic is a large building, roughly covered with zinc plates painted white.

But the most surprising and enjoyable is inside, a sumptuous all great and solemn.
On either side of the central hall, lit by skylights, there are many food stands, like chapels, like niches of the Latin churches.

The decoration was performed using red fabric on which stand large garlands of maize, cereals and dried straw fantastic columns.
Between these columns are the oil paintings reproducing the beautiful landscapes, vast grasslands, forests dark and lush and beautiful women of endless lands of Canada.

Above the arches of the stands, there are trophies and multicolored flags to complete the decoration of the columns, and strange and original capitals, heads of deer, mountain goats and many other animals, are rich native wildlife.

Next to the entrance exposure of forest products is. A long row of trunks veined and compact trees show the richness, variety and excellent quality of the plantations.

Cedars and pines of Canada are presented with a very nice aesthetic, and have a really great size for us.

Opposite the entrance of the pavilion is a pine trunk two feet in diameter. Originally, this pine was 3.84 meters in diameter at the base and 61 meters high, above the arrow of the Cathedral of Milan.

It is the pine Goliath of present, past and future.

A peculiar type of plant which produces the wood pulp used for papermaking. It is a very popular variety in Canada, where there is also a research department working for the biggest paper mills in the world.

Then, it's the exposure of treated wood and processed the boards with bright colors; ready to become the art furniture, floors with cutouts and patterns of genius, and of course, thousands of everyday items.

The curiosity of the public, in this elegant and very American environment is particularly drawn to the exposure of fruits, rich and extraordinarily attractive by the sweet scent that emerges. Women and children flock there, but are unfortunately not allowed to enjoy these tasty Canadian productions. Damn brass railings on which arise as small hands of children, eager to reach these tempting apples.

Regions of orchards in Canada reached approximately 3% of the total cultivated area, a very high proportion compared to that of Europe. The soil of Canada is particularly favorable to the cultivation of a wide variety fruits.

For example, for the year 1903
Apples: 21,900,000 kg
Pears 212 734 kg
Fisheries: 219956
Plums 223 149 kg
Cherries 134 100 kg
Grapes: 106 931 538 kg
Berries in: 10 585 787 kg
Various fruits: 144 234 kg

The large fruit production in Canada and the benefits it provides are to the credit of the government that has adopted a strict inspection law fruits, culture boarding for fear of the greed of private speculators. These provisions are so wise which will be adopted by other American governments, who are just starting to plant fruit trees, as in Canada.

Apples of Canada are admirable and justly famous.
As for grapes, despite many initial difficulties, found a remarkable development on soils. From 1891 to 1901, the harvest rose from 5 to 10 million pounds, and production is increasing.

Making liqueurs gives excellent results. England, strong consumer of alcoholic beverages, imports many liqueurs of Canada.
Also, various fruit syrups are manufactured on a large scale, taking advantage of the abundance of raw materials.

A significant proportion of fruit production is found in cans with bright colors, and sizes. They are shipped to Europe and America less productive regions. The charming drawings on colored boxes are as pretty as the inside is good, is another attraction for young visitors.

The great wealth of Canada, the secret of its prosperity and its recent evolution is mainly due to its large agricultural industry, widely established over vast areas of fertile land makes it very easy culture.

dimanche 28 septembre 2014

A taste of Switzerland : Giro del Gusto Rome #2

Highlights #Day 2 Giro del Gusto Roma
From 22 to 26 September 2014, Villa Maraini, the splendid headquarters of the Swiss Institute in Rome (ISR), hosted the second stage of the Giro del Gusto culinary roadshow, focusing on food security and sustainability.

samedi 27 septembre 2014

A taste of Switzerland : Giro del Gusto Rome #1

Highlights #Day1 Giro del Gusto Roma
From 22 to 26 September 2014, Villa Maraini, the splendid headquarters of the Swiss Institute in Rome (ISR), hosted the second stage of the Giro del Gusto culinary roadshow, focusing on food security and sustainability.

Turkey reverses decision not to attend Expo 2015 Milano !!!

A personal phone call from Italian President Matteo Renzi to congratulate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan over his presidential election victory helped convince Turkey to reverse its decision not to attend EXPO 2015.

Turkey backtracked from its decision not to attend EXPO 2015, the world’s largest public exhibition to take place in Milan, after Italian President Matteo Renzi personally congratulated Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s presidential victory.

The warm conversation between the two presidents resulted in Erdoğan’s removal of his veto on Turkish participation to the EXPO. The original veto had been issued in February, after Italy backed Dubai instead of Izmir for the EXPO 2020 bid.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a verbal note to the Italian government to confirm the change of decision, the Hürriyet Daily News has learned from diplomatic sources. The same sources indicated that this change was a direct result of the phone conversation between the two leaders.

Italy is currently serving as term president of the EU until the end of this year.

The technical details of Turkey’s participation in the EXPO are still evolving and will be decided during a technical mission, the sources stressed. Turkey has requested the same stand and space it had been granted by Italy before canceling its participation in February, despite the fact that the space has been given to another country.

President removes PM’s veto

Turkey’s EXPO participation process has involved interesting foreign policy negotiations. The decision not to attend the EXPO was directly issued by then-Prime Minister Erdoğan. The foreign ministry was fully unaware of the decision and therefore of the process. When the Italian government approached the government to understand the cancellation, they were told about economic reasons although the main incentive was Italy’s decision to back Dubai instead of İzmir for the 2020 EXPO.

The Italian government then renewed its proposal to Turkey by making an important reduction of the cost Turkey had to pay for the stand and space from 15 million euros to 9 million. They did not receive a positive response from Erdoğan’s prime ministry, and this process occurred outside of the foreign ministry’s knowledge.

Renzi’s warm congratulatory phone call to Erdoğan and demand for Turkish participation in the EXPO brought about a positive response from President Erdoğan, who later informed the government to initiate the necessary procedures. This summarizes President Erdoğan’s turn from his own decision in his former capacity as prime minister.

İzmir and Milan had competed for the 2015 EXPO, ending with the Italian city’s victory. Turkey and Italy signed a Participation Protocol in 2012 for the EXPO, which will take place between May 1 and Oct. 31, 2015.

Italy’s term presidency 

Another reason why Erdoğan removed the veto could be Turkey’s renewed aspiration to accelerate the EU process and to open a negotiation chapter during Italy’s EU term presidency. Recently, Italy and Turkey have largely enjoyed good relations, and the former has traditionally been an advocate of Turkish accession to the European Union.

Italy took over the term presidency of the EU on July 1 and will likely play a crucial role in managing the bid to repair strained Ankara-Brussels relations.

Source :

Vanke Pavilion Time Lapse Diary 02

2nd construction Time Lapse Diary of the EXPO 2015 Vanke Pavilion.

jeudi 25 septembre 2014

Etihad in EXPO: Connecting the World

Etihad and Alitalia are Official Global Airline carriers of EXPO Milan 2015.

Under the theme Connecting the World, Etihad and Alitalia are committed to increase the participation at EXPO. This includes increasing the frequency of our flights and the routes covered, offering competitive rates, and providing additional services to accommodate the needs of EXPO.

Etihad and Alitalia hope to not only make it possible for people to attend, but also to contribute to the experience of participating in such an event.  Additionally, Etihad and Alitalia are building a pavilion that will host a Social Hub. The Social Hub will be a dedicated space that will enable participants both present and remote to take part in the conversation and activities being hosted at our pavilion. Follow uson Facebook or join the conversation on Twitter with #EtihadAlitalia #EXPO2015.

Our goal in EXPO will be to bring people together, so that the mission of EXPO can be achieved successfully. To be a part of this world-changing event, book your flight. EXPO ticket will be available starting October 30th; We look forward to welcoming you in Milan!

 Etihad in EXPO: Connecting the World

Vanke Pavilion... men at work !

Vanke Pavilion, located near the Lake Arena, was designed by architect Studio Daniel Libeskind.

It recreates the experience and spirit of Shitang, traditional Chinese dining hall, in its 959 sqm area. Its sinuous geometry and the fluid movement between the inner and outer volume, create a journey through space and time that is now clearly visible.

mardi 23 septembre 2014

lundi 22 septembre 2014


From today on, every week, the progress in construction works on Expo2015 site, captured by drones flying over. 30 videos for a panoramic view 2.0.

With Telecom Italia Group and TIM4Expo

Expo Stories - Expo si racconta... in Firenze !

The next round of Expo-stories is Monday, September 22th at Firenze, libreria Feltrinelli, via de' Cerretani,30 , starting at 18:00.

What it is ?

Expo-stories is a communication project that moved the great story of Expo2015 in major Italian cities, in the period between July 2014 and April 2015 A project that is organized around three themes / specific moments: A lesson Expo, Social Media workshops, Expo for business.

It is therefore half a day (usually in the afternoon) of different activities, a story in multiple planes of what's Expo 2015, as you can interact and intersect its social dynamics. A project created by the social media team of Expo 2015 that aims to intersect the most diverse interest groups.

We are waiting, we are waiting!

EXPONENDO. Before, After, Under, Over Expo Milano 2015

19 september 2014 to 30 april 2015...

Milan’s Museum of Science and Technology is until April 2015 hosting an exhibition on the history of Universal Expositions. "Exponendo" provides an overview of the Expositions of the past and a preview of Expo Milano 2015: a trip back in time through objects, interactive installations and movies.

A history of objects: before and after Expo Milano 2015

What do a Remington typewriter from 1890, a model of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome and a basket for a hot air balloon from the beginning of the 20th century have in common? They are all objects from the Museum’s collections that help us better understand events on a given timeline: from London, 1851 to Paris, 1889; from the Exposition in Chicago, 1933 to the Brussels edition of 1958; passing by the great Exposition of Milan held in 1906 to which particular focus is given. The basket of the hot air balloon and an historical model of an elevated railroad built in Milan for the occasion, celebrate the grandeur of this historic edition and reveal the central theme of the Museum’s exhibition:  technology.

A Smart Expo

Audiovisual and multimedia installations present a number of innovative and technological features of the event which will be held next year in Milan. At Expo Milano 2015, in fact, they are the focal point of an entire thematic area of "Exponendo". This engaging and entertaining experience for visitors is achieved through a series of mirrors which reproduce characters who "reflect" the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life  (a farmer, a rancher, a family that eats ...). The public can photograph themselves while interacting with outlines applied on mirrors ... and take home a souvenir from the future.

Over and under Expo Milano 2015

In the section on the Milan Exposition of 2015 are reflections on smart solutions designed for the Expo site, but also a preview of advanced technology systems used within the exhibition halls. Covering an area of twelve square meters are presented the "upper" part of the exhibition site, that is, the thematic routes, areas for events, green spaces and those designed for hosting services, and "lower" part, the site’s technological platform organized on five levels: Energy, Information Technology, Security, Edutainment and Services. Two videos help visitors in reading the themes of "sustainability" and "smartainability."