samedi 31 mai 2014

Belarus... pavilion...

Theme: "The Wheel of Life"

The Concept

At Expo Milano 2015, the Republic of Belarus is looking to promote its industries of agriculture and dynamics. Visitors will experience a number of different projects that explore its food security and the high quality of its water.
Inside the pavilion is a showcase dedicated to its active role in the fight against hunger, to its solutions for improving water quality, to nature conservation, and to biodiversity. Interactive monitors, scientific and artistic events and the overall shape of the pavilion are a demonstration of the characteristics and progress of Belarus.

In its exposition space, Belarus offers a showcase and a refreshment area where visitors can taste its typical products. There is also a commercial area and a space with scientific seminars, lessons from experts, artistic performances, group exhibitions and folk music. Visitors will be active participants of the pavilion as an example of a life rich in nature.

vendredi 30 mai 2014

Meet the Foody family... by Disney

GUAGILLO, the garlic
He’s curious to the point of being nosy, and a bit self-centred. He boasts having six PhDs but his enduring dream is to find himself in the spotlight. Single by choice, he hates being mistaken for an onion.

ARABELLA, the orange
She’s shy, a bit awkward and reserved. She’s looking for true love. She’s candid and innocent, her friends say that she doesn’t get their jokes and they have fun playing tricks on her.

JOSEPHINE, the banana
Originating in Indonesia, the banana is an exotic beauty, sunny and a bit extravagant. Her dream is to make a name for herself in show business.

GURY, the watermelon
He was born in Egypt into a family with very ancient origins. His life’s passion is classical dance. He doesn’t like tattoos and would do anything to get rid of his stripes!

POMINA, the apple
She’s attractive, likable and outgoing. She loves watching romantic films and taking self-portraits to post on her favourite social networks.

MAX-MAIS, the blue corn
He hails from Latin America. He’s sociable, alternative and has a bit of an artistic flair. He is convinced that he is an able soothsayer who can predict the future of anyone he meets.

MANGHY, the mango
Mango is sweet, generous and charming. He comes from India, where he works as an actor in the flourishing film industry known as Bollywood. He loves to sing, dance and give autographs.

RODOLFO, the fig
He loves to work out and court the girls. He also likes playing poker, singing karaoke and posing for magazine photos or for paparazzi.

PIERA, the pear
The pear is cheerful and a bit eccentric. She comes from China, where she is a popular top model. The fashion world loves her, but she would also like to be recognised for what she has inside her. She practices meditation and is also a contortionist.

RAP-BROTHERS, the radishes
They appear to be guileless darlings, but actually they are highly competitive and sporty with an unbridled passion for rap music.

CHICCA, the pomegranate
She’s entertaining, witty, athletic and always ready for some fun: she’s what you might call a live wire. She’s got a thick skin, but inside she’s soft and sweet.

Swiss... Switzerland pavilion project...

Theme "Confooderatio Helvetica"

The Concept

With its unique take on the theme of Expo Milano 2015 Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, Switzerland, which was the first country to join the Expo Milano 2015, reflects on the scarcity of food resources in the world and shows the other side of abundance. Its pavilion is made up of five towers, full of local food products which the visitor can take away. But there is a limit to the resources available... to exceed that limit is to deprive other visitors of the same opportunities.

Thanks to the modularity of the structure, the platform on which the towers stand is lowered as they are emptied, allowing everyone to see for themselves their own habits of consumption.

The project, which focuses on the availability and distribution of food resources in the world, invites visitors to reflect on their behavior as consumers.

Pavilion Architecture

The pavilion, which covers an area of ​​4,443 square meters, combines industrial elements and tradition and is a project by studio Netwerch GmbH Brugg. While the towers, acting as deposits, recall the world of technology and machinery, the wooden terrace and buildings with gabled roof allude to the traditional Swiss villages. Much of the Swiss pavilion provides open access areas in which visitors can move around freely, while there is a ticketing system for accessing the food towers located in the center.

Arriving from the Decumanus, the majority of visitors enter via a ramp leading to a raised terrace that houses at its center, a courtyard where the five towers are situated. On the terrace visitors can find the reception where they can collect their tickets to the towers, a stage for concerts and a tavern with restaurant, shop and VIP lounge in the loft area. On the platform they can view a themed exhibition on food types and nutrition in Switzerland.

mercredi 28 mai 2014

News from Latvia pavilion...

A first look to the true model... even smaller...

The story of the Italian Pavilion... video !

Expo 2015. Pavilion Italy? Effect with Wow. Here's how it will be...
A grand tour of the excellence of our country. A path between past and future, art and culture, science and sustainable development. So Italy will interpret the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" by focusing on "Italian powers" that are the real life energy to bring forth the "nursery." The iconic symbol of the new Italian identity will be the Tree of Life.

SPAIN... first look of the pavilion...

Theme "Cultivating the Future"

The Concept

With its participation in Expo Milano 2015 Spain looks to contribute to the development of the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for life, by focusing on key aspects such as: its experience in the production and distribution of basic foodstuffs; the benefits of its dietary model, the result of a meeting of tradition and innovation; the relationship between landscape, food production and cooking in developing models for alternative tourism; its contribution towards the Millennium Development Goals.

The success of the Spanish food chain can be attributed to a combination of tradition and innovation, an improvement of the distribution process, and the presence of a wide variety of landscapes, climates and ecosystems. The heterogeneity of the territory is the cornerstone of Spain’s culinary wealth.

Its habits, food and gastronomy are being exposed to creativity and innovation. The two supporting pillars of its food industry are innovative production processes and modernization of the commercial sector. Sustainable agriculture is a tool for land conservation, landscape and traditions. There are numerous examples of how this approach could allow sustainable cultivation in arid and desert areas, transforming them into lush orchards, for example.

dimanche 25 mai 2014

Pavilion Project for Moldova... by Gorgona

Theme "Shine the Light - Energy of Sun, Energy of Earth, Food for people" 

 The Architecture of the Pavilion

An enticing and inspiring shade of apple green is the key feature of the project developed for Moldova by Gorgona Architecture & Design Studio together with the artist Pavel Braila. From its furnishings to the large colored beams that surround the structure, extending over a total exhibition space of 747 square meters, everything is modeled to recall the shapes of a large sliced ​​apple, evoking the idea of freshness, as a flavor and characteristic that Moldova wishes to share with its visitors.

The long corridor flanked by green plants, crosses a large glass cube to convey care for the environment, innovation and humanity, and leads visitors to the biozone of Moldovan agriculture, where they can learn about Moldova’s traditions, food and local wines.

The central element of the pavilion is a solar flower, placed on top of a large glass cube. It is an installation of mirrors consisting of thousands of facets that capture and reflect sunlight, re-projected in thousands of bright spots. Other highly evocative elements include: planetary constellations that visitors encounter upon entering the pavilion, and a giant screen where visitors can watch the movie, JOC. The film, made specifically for Expo Milano 2015 by Pavel Braila, tells the story of the legendary group JOC, the oldest and most famous folk dance group in Moldova, which was formed in 1945, and which has, over the years, given more than 7,000 performances all over the world.

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samedi 24 mai 2014

British artist Wolfgang Buttress to design UK Pavilion at Milan Expo

A structure inspired by the unique role of the honeybee will represent the UK on the world stage at the Milan Expo in 2015.

  • Prince Harry announces winner at ceremony in Rome
  • UK building companies win £6 million construction contract to make winning design a reality

A structure inspired by the unique role of the honeybee will represent the UK on the world stage at the Milan Expo in 2015.

At a ceremony in Rome today (Sunday 18 May), Prince Harry announced that Nottingham based artist Wolfgang Buttress has won the competition to design the UK Pavilion for the next Universal Expo. Prince Harry is taking part in the unveiling during an official visit to Italy in support of the British Government.

British companies Stage One and RISE have been awarded the £6 million contract to build the winning design, bringing together their creative construction and construction management capabilities. Together the winners represent Nottingham, York and London, with the contracts bringing new jobs to the 3 regions.

Welcoming the announcement, Trade Minister Lord Livingston said:

Success in international markets is at the heart of the government’s long-term plan to build a stronger, more competitive economy.

The UK’s participation in the Milan Expo will promote the UK’s world leading expertise in the creative, life sciences, agri-tech, and food and drink sectors to our top trade and investment partners.

Through the UK Pavilion, we will reach millions of visitors and build on the reputation of the UK established at the 2010 Shanghai Expo and the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Winning artist Wolfgang Buttress opened his first studio in Nottingham after graduating in 1987 and now employs 7 people. Over the last 2 years he has won numerous national and international awards, including the International Structural Steel Award for projects under £2 million in 2013. Earlier this year he received the Kajima Gold Award in Japan for his work ‘Space’.

Wolfgang Buttress said:

I’m happy and honoured that I have been selected for this prestigious commission. My wish is for visitors to engage with the UK Pavilion as a whole and for the hive to be recognised as a barometer for the health of the earth; drawing parallels between a hive and human society.

I’m very excited to have this opportunity to work with such a great team, it’s an amazing challenge and one we will rise to together.

Once the UK Pavilion is built, visitors will walk through a fruit orchard and enter a natural wildflower meadow. As they near the centre of the meadow, the focal point of the structure will come into view: a golden orb made of fine steel lattice based on the design of a honeycomb. The ‘Hive’ will pulsate and buzz with the noise of a real bee colony.

The UK Pavilion at the last Universal Expo in Shanghai 2010, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, attracted international acclaim and won gold for best design. In the duration of the 6 month Expo more than 8 million people went inside the ‘Seed Cathedral’, making it the UK’s most visited tourist attraction during that time.

Commenting on the £6 million building contract win, Bob White, Chairman of Rise MC said:

We are very excited to be involved in the UK Pavilion at Milan Expo. It enables us to sustain our particular interest in temporary structures, and allows us to continue our collaboration with Stage One on these project types.

The design of the Pavilion includes some innovative structural solutions which allied with the focal attraction of the ‘Hive’ will delight the discerning visitor.

Mark Johnson, Managing Director of Stage One said

We’re delighted to have been selected to construct the UK Pavilion at the Milan Expo. This is a significant project for Stage One and reflects our increasingly strong relationship with architects and designers. It’s a strong validation of our collaborative approach and our ability to deliver creative construction projects successfully.

The Journey... at the UAE Pavilion

“Visitors will be attracted to the UAE Pavilion by the imposing nature of curving, high tactile walls that enclose a dramatic entrance lined by a 75-metre-long video display, a digital falaj.”

An echo of the ancient water channels that were so vital to life in the UAE, this falaj delivers media tablets that will introduce visitors to our theme and its four organising thematic principles: Sustain, Care, Innovate, Share. Visitors commence their audio-visual journey up a ramp, embarking on an enthralling dialogue that will be educational in content and entertaining in delivery.

Pausing for a short rest before the main show, visitors are at liberty to engage with Emirati ambassadors, exchanging stories and experiences.

The first part of the main show is contained within a drum that rotates the auditorium. This is the beating heart of the pavilion, a hugely cinematic experience that dramatises our theme, leaving an indelible impression on the audience.

Exiting from the drum, visitors are drawn into the second part of the show. Dubbed ‘Future Talk’, this section is inspired by the brilliantly accessible TED Talk phenomenon. Visitors are now standing in a media-rich immersive environment. Emirati presenters use a range of dynamic effects to unravel the threads of our theme, presenting initiatives and solutions to global challenges of nutrition, energy and sustainability, at all times provoking and engaging the audience to make a difference in their world.

A ramp takes the visitor down into a sensitively landscaped oasis space, with a Dubai 2020 exhibition area, café, restaurant and terrace. Here there is an opportunity to relax and discover, explore and taste Emirati-inspired food and the contemporary food culture of the UAE.

vendredi 23 mai 2014

UK PAVILION EXPO 2015 by Wolfgang Buttress

A structure inspired by the unique role of the honeybee will represent the UK on the world stage at the Milan Expo in 2015, awarded to Nottingham based artist Wolfgang Buttress who won the competition. “The ethos behind the design is to create something quiet which says a lot with as little as possible.  It is a pause point and a place for contemplation within the Expo; the whole pavilion can be an experienced as a journey highlighting the honeybees’ importance in food production” says Wolfgang Buttress.

UK PavilionBritish companies Stage One and RISE have been awarded the £6 million contract to build the winning design, bringing together their creative construction and construction management capabilities. Together the winners represent Nottingham, York and London, with the contracts bringing new jobs to the 3 regions. There will be a 6 month curated programme celebrating the best of UK music, culture, technology, research, design and food.

Antonella Clerici, Expo2015 Ambassador

“Expo is fundamental for Italy. Next year we will be in the spotlight. I’m sure we can do it because we are capable and talented”.

Conduttrice televisiva italiana, dopo aver debuttato negli anni Ottanta in reti minori, è divenuta nota al pubblico passando in Rai e conducendo diversi programmi sportivi, Sanremo e La Prova del Cuoco. Antonella Clerici è uno dei volti di Ambassador per Expo Milano 2015.

"Expo per l'Italia è fondamentale - ha dichiarato la Clerici - .
L'anno prossimo avremo i riflettori del mondo puntati su di noi. Sono sicura che ce la faremo perché siamo bravi e creativi".

jeudi 22 mai 2014

Hungary’s Pavilion Draws Life From the Purest Source

Today saw the presentation of the Pavilion of Hungary for Expo Milano 2015: the design, selected through a public competition, reflects the theme of the Universal Exposition "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and was created by the designers Attila Ertsey, Ágnes Herczeg and Sándor Sárkány. The event was attended by Géza Szőcs, Commissioner for the Hungarian Government, in the presence of Diana Bracco, Commissioner General of Section for the Italian Pavilion; István Manno, Consul General of Hungary; Giuseppe Frattini, designer of the pavilion and Zoltán Fórizs, CEO of Carpathia S.r.l.

Starting from the theme of its participation "From the purest source," Hungary will demonstrate the importance of nutritious food, a healthy lifestyle and the need to ensure food security and biodiversity for future generations. During the presentation a partnership with the Italian Pavilion was announced, which will be launched during the Universal Exposition.

The Pavilion will be on three floors and will occupy a plot of 1,910 square meters. The shapes and materials represent the main lines of Hungarian architecture (the barn, the rural silos and stables) in line with the principles of organic architecture developed in the mid- twentieth century and based on local traditions, encompassing the laws of nature and promoting the relationship between man and the universe. The central area of the Pavilion is inspired by Noah's Ark, the symbol of salvation of living things. Its two extremities recall the shamanic drums, whose ancient roots highlight the mystical relationship with nature. They bear the ancient engraved symbol of the tree of life through which flows Hungary’s fresh, natural water with its famous thermal properties.

Most of the material used for construction is renewable (wood, laminated wood, cellulose) to highlight its eco-friendly and energy-creating content combined in parallel with energy-saving and reduced atmospheric pollution features. It will be possible to dismantle, reconstruct and re-use the entire building. The top floor of the structure will host an open-air garden whilst in in the green area outside the Pavilion will be planted 33 kinds of fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs.

During Expo Milano 2015, the Hungarian Pavilion will organize exhibitions and events with a different focus, such as the Country’s food traditions, historic Italian-Hungarian relations and other themes of contemporary culture.

Just like Italy, Hungary has expressed its intention to use the Pavilion, once the Universal Exposition concludes, for research and education. It will, in fact, be reassembled in Szombathely, in place of the Nr. 11 Hussars' Brarracks as an integral part of the Center for Protection of Creative Heritage and Development of Values.

Following the symbolic ceremony on the Hungarian lot, on April 3, Géza Szőcs, Commissioner for the Hungarian Government, and Diana Bracco, Commissioner General of Section for the Italian Pavilion, proposed a future collaboration between the two Research Institutes in order to engage and encourage the public in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Estonian pavilion is now on Facebook...

Enjoy ;-)

mardi 20 mai 2014

Italian pavilion... Video !

Padiglione Italia

A May 2013 study Nemesis & Partners , in collaboration with Proger and BMS Projects for the engineering and Prof. Livio De Santoli for sustainability, has won the international competition launched by Expo 2015 SpA for the design of the Italian Pavilion .

The project involves the construction of the Italian Pavilion at Palazzo Italy ( about 13,000 square meters of 6 levels above ground ) , and building permanent heart of Expo 2015 , and the temporary buildings of the Cardo ( 10,700 sq m on 3 levels above ground ) .

The concept of the architectural project of the Italian Pavilion of Nemesis & Partners is an " urban forest ."

Italian palace is inspired by a ' " natural architecture " in which the plot of the outer branched creates a scenario that refers to works of Land Art "skin" of the building envelope evokes a primitive figurative and interprets coherent concept art to guide the competition, " nursery Italy " created by Marco Balikh , declined in the image of a " petrified forest " .

The surface of the plot branched out into the external façade will be composed of concrete panels Biodynamic Italcementi realized with technology Styl- Comp .
The canopy cover of Italian Palazzo will be realized by Stahlbau Pichler while the construction of the building is to work with Construction Consortium Veneto Italian Cooperative .
Palace welcomes Italy : event space on the ground floor , exhibition spaces on the other levels of representation , conference / meeting spaces for the restaurant including a VIP restaurant located on the fourth level and a rooftop terrace.

samedi 17 mai 2014

UK Pavilion Milan Expo 2015 Design Competition

Shortlisted design concepts revealed for the UK Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 and jury announced :

17/04/2014 UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) today revealed images showing the shortlisted concepts submitted by the eight teams vying to win the design competition for the UK Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015. The jury was also announced.

More information :

Winner: Wolfgang Buttress Studio

Our concept, “BE”, highlights the plight of the honeybee and ways in which new research and technology are helping to address challenges, including food security and biodiversity. Visitors meander through an orchard, discover a wildflower meadow and enter a ‘virtual hive’, which pulsates, buzzes and glows according to signals from a real hive. Our proposal explores the life of the bee colony through an immersive sensory experience – a beautiful and profound encounter – leaving visitors with a lasting flavour of the British landscape.

Encompassing the best of British food, music and fashion, “BE” engages and inspires visitors to think and act differently, expressing ecological interdependencies and the role of technology in cultivating a deeper understanding of our environment.