jeudi 15 octobre 2015

Malaysia pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano

Soon the end of the event, and we are far from having been around, I have prioritized the favorites and memorable experiences, but I forget some, for lack of time ... I certainly have the opportunity to return to the pavilions of Expo Milano 2015 in the coming weeks, months ... years.

However ephemeral, Expos are magic, this ability to remain in our memories and even our hearts, as these events are strong, instructive and fun.

Meanwhile, we continue the visit of the Expo, with the pavilion of Malaysia, which holds a place very special in my "virtual"ranking of the best pavilions "selfbuilt" of this Milanese Expo.

Indeed, already, because of its architectural concept, it deserves our interest ... these seeds are undoubtedly an almost perfect reflection of the general theme of Expo ... to feed the planet, we must plant seeds... Moreover, the theme of the pavilion is "Towards a sustainable food ecosystem ... even the main material of the pavilion is also... with the wood in majority in this original construction.

This is the famous Glulam, a laminated exotic wood ... which does not use any piece of wood of 65 x 12 cm ... easy transport, but also handling the parts without using large means of mechanical lift. Note that none of the thousands of pieces are alike! a nice feat !

Visually, this building is therefore a success, composed of 4 main seeds, which naturally demarcate the different experiences living in this pavilion of Malaysia.

Luckily, the queue is still quite small in early July ... which is not the case right now, a lot of visitors from August to October ... and a huge success for the pavilion.

Seed 1
We enter the first seed, which is simply a theater. We are based all around, and the projection takes place on the walls of the seed... the magnificent movie that is proposed we present Malaysia of today, magical, and especially Malaysia of tomorrow, with a full ascension of the country. A beautiful experience, which also makes you want to discover this beautiful country, full of promise!

Seed 2
Then, the second seed leads us in very fun way to the discovery of the ecosystem and bio-diversity of a tropical forest, through a life-size diorama, in which we operate on two levels, to reach the following exposure room. Needless to say, this diorama is particularly popular with visitors ... large and small! This is the change of scenery in Milan, in this Expo that allows to visit several countries in a single day.

Seed 3
The third seed covers topics priori much more serious, such as the role of rubber in the food supply chain, but always exciting and fun, or as interactive fireflies flying... among others. We also discover many artistic presentations that add to the quality of the set design... a real delight for the eyes. A section is also dedicated to medicinal plants.

In the mezzanine, it is the future that appears ... but for Malaysia, the future is now. One can discover in this last part of the Malaysian exhibition, with many interactive screens or not, that Malaysia has already made to protect the planet, men who live there, in terms of innovation and sustainable development.

As can be seen, pavilion of Malaysia offers a rich and contrasting experience, and is not confined to a single point of the theme.

Seed 4

But the visit is not over, we go down by an external staircase from the very big third seed in Glulam, toward the fourth, which is dedicated to culture and to diverse shows that are presented in the pavilion Malaysia. Dances, songs, activities are offered daily. It's a living pavilion, and every time a great success, clearly visible on the faces of spectators. The team pavilion is also for many. The staff is really incredible of kindness and conviviality prevails in this pavilion, where everyone receives us with a smile and lots of good humor. The message is simple, bring a smile and unify all cultures of the world with joy and peace ... it's also that, the great power of Expos!

Moreover, we are taken to task in this fourth seed pavilion, by the team and lovely manager Shamilah Perumal, because it's time for Karaoke, in Malay !!! Fortunately, the selected song is quite easy, so it was very funny to participate ... everyone goes!

The experience would not be complete if we don't also taste the pavilion restaurant. Unable to resist these Malaysian dishes, a treat, a pleasure for our taste buds ...
Kopitiam and Malaysian market offer us drinks and dishes with unique flavors and tastes ... we strongly advise visitors to test.... and approve ...!

Some additional words :

The visit of the pavilion of Malaysia is now finished, and I would like to warmly thank the director of the pavilion, Shamilah Perumal. First for her wonderful welcome, which certainly reflects the friendly people of this country, but above all for all the work she has done for this pavilion in Expo Milano 2015 is a success.

She was there upstream in the design of the pavilion, she was there when building ! Shamilah ... everything led "masterfully" to make it a success. And for six months of the Expo, she's everywhere, settle every detail, and when we know what demands effort as managing a pavilion of a World Expo, we're all the more amazed.

Shamilah has been omnipresent in the project, and besides, I could see she was congratulated by the highest authorities of his country, for his hard work and total abnegation.

Congratulations also Shamilah for his humanity and kindness which is felt even in the pavilion staff who exude joy, and above all, to participate in this great event in the pavilion of Malaysia and it's contagious, it seems, to all visitors.

I have also seen her fame with the colleagues from other pavilions at the Expo ... there are signs that don't lie. Shamilah, receive all our sincere congratulations! or should I say SUPERSHAMILAH !!

Hope to see you again ... at the next Expo !! 2017 or 2020 in Astana ... Dubai? ... or before, in Malaysia ;-)

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